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Franklintown Cemetery
(Amelia Island)
1300 Plantation Point Drive
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

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Florida Master Site File ID NA00726, established circa 1860, 52 graves.

The Franklintown Cemetery is located off A1A at Plantation Point Drive on Amelia Island.

Old-timers tell us that there was a deed to this burial ground issued in 1924; it, however was never recorded and has been lost. In 1971, the owners of what is now Plantation Point subdivision, Harry and Melba Sahlman, deeded the cemetery and an access easement to the trustees of the Franklintown Cemetery Association. The configuration of the present fenced area matches the 1971 deed description, but old-timers say that the missing deed covered a larger area and that there are graves outside the fence. The recorded deed gives the trustees the right to determine those entitled to be interred there; burials are reserved in perpetuity to "all descendents and their spouses of those colored workers prior to and at the close of the War Between the States belonging on and to the old 'Harrison Plantation'." In plain language, burial privileges are restricted to those who are descendants of the Harrison Plantation slaves.

Anyone interested in further details should see Nassau County Circuit Court records book 15, pages 469-472.

Many of the obvious graves are unmarked. Of those marked, a high percentage are military; there is one marking a Union soldier. A practice of shallow burial with the top of the encasing concrete vault exposed is common.

GPS Location  30.569958, -81.455926  Opens in a new window.