Civil War Confederate Pension Applications

The first Confederate pensions in Florida were authorized in 1885 and granted to veterans the sum of $5.00 per month. The next three decades saw a new Confederate pension bill introduced at nearly every session of the Legislature. Residency requirements were added and adjusted, militia members and widows were declared eligible, various financial qualifications were added and changed, and the amount and method of distribution were changed many times.

The data you see here are an extract of the files for both individual pensions and widows pensions. The widow’s application is filed with that of her husband. The complete pension record can contain a significant amount of information regarding the individual and the widow if she filed. Our data however is limited to: The case number; first and last name; unit name and number; Widows name; and year filed. Confederate pensions were awarded to residents of Florida regardless of the state in which their service was rendered.

Civil War Confederate Pension Applications

View a scanned copy of the original pension by clicking on the Case Number button in the More Details listing for each person. These are available online at no charge through the Florida Memory Project and we’ve created a direct link to the pension file for you.

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