Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records

Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records

The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records was released as a 55 volume series of bound books by the Genealogical Company at the beginning of the 21st century. The Amelia Island Genealogical Society has recently obtained the complete set of these volumes. Visitors to our Genealogical Collection at the Fernandina Branch Library can peruse these books, while AIGS members are allowed to check them out upon presenting their Nassau County library card and their 2023 AIGS membership card.

5 Genealogy Books All Researchers Need

I was tasked this year with coming up with only 5 books that every genealogist needs to read or own. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because each genealogist has different needs based on their family’s ethnicity, location, etc. As a result, these books are intentionally general in nature and often, specific to US research. There are over 1600 books in the Amelia Island Genealogical Society collection available to you, and more than 100 of them feature guides and assistance in your research. If you have a specific location or subject matter, then there is a good chance we have a book to help guide your research.

2021 Contributions to Our Genealogical Collection

A large part of our collection of genealogy books has come from people like you donating their personal collection to be placed on the library shelves of the Fernandina Beach Library in the genealogy section. The vast majority of books present are part of our collection! This collection grows each year, and the following books have been donated so far this year.

Nassau County Newspapers on Microfilm

All reels are missing some issues but those with noticeable gaps are noted below. Florida Mirror 1878, 1886-1891 7 reels – Nov. 30, 1878 thru Jul. 1886 – Reels 4-10. 7 issues – Mar. 14, 1891; Mar. 17, 1891; Mar. 24, 1891; Mar. 28, 1891; Apr. 7, 1891 & Apr. 25, 1891 – Reel 11. Fernandina Express 1880-1882 2 reels containing the same issues. Most issues are torn with only partial pages included and several issues are missing completely. Generally use Reel 1 but a few of the missing issues appear on Reel 2, which is not in strict date order. Jun. 12, 1880 – Sept. 16, 1882 – Reels 1 & 2 Fernandina News 1891, 1896 1 issue – Jan 17, 1896 – Reel 3. 3 issues – Mar. 3, 1891; Mar. 5, 1891 & Jul. 23, 1891 – Reel 11. The News 1907, 1910 2 issues – May 30, 1907 & Aug. 1910 – Reel 3 Fernandina Record 1908 3 issues – Mar. 13, 1908; July 24, 1908 & Oct. 23, 1908 – Reel 3 Fernandina News-Record 1911, 1918, 1919, 1920 7 issues – Mar. 2, 1911; Oct 18, 1918; Nov. 8, 1918; Nov. 15, 1918; Dec. 12, 1919; Jan. 23, 1920 & Feb. 6, 1920 – Reel 3 Nassau County Leader and Fernandina News-Record 1921-1925 18 issues – Jan 14, 1921; May 6, 1921; Mar. 17, 1922; Mar. 24, 1922; Mar. 31, 1922; Apr. 7, 1922, Apr. 14, 1922; Feb. 9, 1923; Mar. 9, 1923; Jun. 8, …

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2020 Genealogy Book Acquisitions

Every year the Amelia Island Genealogical Society donates a portion of its membership fees to purchase additional books that are then added to our collection housed at the Fernandina Beach Library. These books are available for our society members to check-out of the library using the AIGS membership card along with their Nassau County Library card. Books will be found in our library collection in the back left area of the library. Membership has its benefits!

Amelia Island Genealogical Society Collection

Pioneers of the Wiregrass

Pioneers of the Wiregrass is a series of books on what is known as the Wiregrass area of Georgia. The first 7 volumes were written by Judge Folks Huxford. The second 5 volumes of the first series, and final 2 volumes of the second series, were published after the death of Huxford, and written by volunteers of the Huxford Genealogical Society. The original twelve volumes cover the wiregrass area of Georgia and the adjacent counties in Florida. They also include the ancestors of pioneer settlers of the coverage area who lived in other regions of the country. The final 2 volumes include the Wiregrass counties of South Alabama and Northwest Florida. This is an expensive set of genealogy material available at the Amelia Island Genealogical Society collection, located at the Fernandina Beach Library. It is not available online in any form except for lists of names of those who have had family information published within it. Due to the expense and rarity of the books, they must be viewed within the Fernandina Beach Library and may not be checked out. The wiregrass region is named for a native bunch grass once plentiful in the area. The region stretches approximately from just below Macon, Georgia and follows the Fall Line west to Montgomery, Alabama. From there it turns south and runs to approximately Washington County, Florida in the northern panhandle. From there it runs east, roughly making its southern boundary along Interstate 10 to Lake City, Florida. From there it turns …

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Fernandina Beach Library

Fernandina Beach Library Information

The Genealogy Room The Genealogy Room at the Fernandina Beach Branch of the Nassau County Public Library has an extensive collection of books of interest to family history researchers. The AIGS library collection consists of over one thousand volumes, including genealogy magazines; our main collection focus is on local history, colonial history and ‘how-to’ books about genealogy, but we also have a large collection of military books, as well as books covering research in many states and countries. All these books can be found in the online catalog at You can browse our collection, read descriptions of books, and request books to be put on hold for you to pick up at the library branch of your choice. All of our books, with the exception of the books in our Reserve Collection, are available for check out to AIGS members only. Back issues of genealogy magazines may be checked out; tables of contents for all magazines are on our website. Members are asked to show their membership card as well as their library card when checking out their books. The Genealogy Room also houses the Fernandina Beach Branch Library’s Florida Collection. These books may be checked out by anyone with a Nassau County library card. Two computers are available for genealogy research in the Genealogy Room and are usually already signed into the library website when you arrive. If not, just ask a librarian to log the computer in for you. The library has several scanners including one for …

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Fernandina Beach Library Genealogy Collection

AIGS Research Collection

The physical AIGS research collection, through an agreement with the Nassau County Public Library system, is housed at the Fernandina Beach branch library where it is available to the public. Every year the society puts a portion of its dues towards providing additional books to our growing collection. We also accept donations of genealogical and historical books, and these donations comprise a large portion of the books currently available.


This is a test project for the AIGS library committee by which they will accumulate and establish a database of repositories currently accepting donations of personal genealogical material.

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