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1905 Death Certificate _____ Releford

Genealogy and Wildcard Search Techniques

Nassau County death certificate #1914. is a great example of a poorly written record with significant deficiencies in the information. The rabbit hole I proceeded to jump into led me to a Nassau County family with at least 4 different spellings of their last name in the records. They were traceable, but how to find them wasn’t going to prove simple. Let’s step through the process I used to identify the individual in the death record and her family makeup. The key to this, was using wildcard searches. Don’t worry, I explain to you what those are. Are you ready to go down this rabbit hole with me?

Angel Island Immigration Station

Finding Passenger Lists

The following passenger lists start with a film number. That number is clickable and it will take you to the specific database on FamilySearch for you to search. At the end of each listing is a link to a guide for the microfilm that FamilySearch scanned and indexed. These guides are in PDF format and available from the National Archives. Finding Atlantic, Gulf, and Great Lakes Lists Finding Baltimore Passenger Lists Finding Boston Passenger Lists All original Customs Passenger Lists earlier than 1883 were destroyed by fire. Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists Finding New York Passenger Lists Finding Philadelphia Passenger Lists Finding Passengers Lists from Other Minor Ports

1903 Oldsmobile Curved-Dash runabout

Automobubbling in Nassau County, Florida

Theodore William Waas registered the first automobile in Nassau County, Florida in 1906. He owned an Oldsmobile Curved-Dash runabout, a popular model of the time known for its affordability and simple design. The car was powered by a 4.5 horsepower engine and had a top speed of 20 miles per hour. The car's open roof and minimal interior allowed for a unique driving experience, although only two people could ride at a time. The cost of the car was $650, which might have been a significant expense for the Waas family who had four children and lived in a small town. Come explore this set of records, the family of the two Theo's, the song behind the word "automobubbling," and even listen to an old scratchy 78 recording of the waltz performed by Bill Murray and orchestra back in 1905.

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5 Genealogy Books All Researchers Need

I was tasked this year with coming up with only 5 books that every genealogist needs to read or own. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because each genealogist has different needs based on their family’s ethnicity, location, etc. As a result, these books are intentionally general in nature and often, specific to US research. There are over 1600 books in the Amelia Island Genealogical Society collection available to you, and more than 100 of them feature guides and assistance in your research. If you have a specific location or subject matter, then there is a good chance we have a book to help guide your research.

Standing Interrogation for Sarah (Higginbotham) Braddock

In the process of filing a Southern Commission claim, each witness on behalf of the claimant is questioned by an official on behalf of the Claims Commission using a standard set of questions, which by Sarah’s replies to some of these questions, must have changed somewhat during the early 1870s. “The changes from the original form as presented in the first General Report and as amended in the second were not designed to affect the policy of the commission.” So the date the interrogation occurred on is important, as the questions asked and the order of them differ from the 1874 “final version” published online. When a claimant provides an answer it is listed to the left which specific question they answered, but not the question, and it’s very clear by Sarah’s ancestors the questions were ordered differently then the 1874 version. Sarah’s hearing was on 2 August 1872 at Fernandina, and was done by C. L. Robinson, Special Commissioner of the Commissioners of Claims. The packet starts with Sarah’s sworn testimony. Question 1 is a standard form that is filled out for each witness and signed by the special commissioner. This page appears out of order in the packet, stuck between pages 9 and 10. I present it first, however, since the packets contents was scanned in no particular order. Standing Interrogation The following questions will be put to every person who gives testimony: Question 1: What is your name, your age, your residence and how long has it...

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History of Nassau County

This material was written and compiled by “Workers of the Writers’ Program of the Works Projects Administration in the State of Florida, Sponsored by the Florida State Planning Board, and copyrighted by the City Commission of Fernandina in 1940.” There were no subsequent copyrights on this material and the material entered the public domain in 1968, or 28 years after the publication of material. Note: This material uses phraseology and words which may be considered offensive to readers today....

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The Nassau County Genealogist cover

The Nassau County Genealogist: Online Table of Contents

The Amelia Island Genealogical Society has published the Nassau County Genealogist continuously since 1994. A print only publication, indexed in PERSI, The Nassau County Genealogist features stories and history of Nassau County, Florida, and its people. It also provides genealogical records which pertain to Nassau County, Florida. Jean Mann has served as the sole editor since the quarterly was first published! Our quarterly is published in January (Winter), April (Spring), July (Summer), and October (Fall). There have been occasional combining of issues and during Covid of 2020 some issues were unable to be published. The Amelia Island Genealogical Society is publishing The Nassau County Genealogist articles in our members only area of this website. This printed quarterly is an important membership benefit that our society members dues fund. Consider joining the Amelia Island Genealogical Society to continue funding this genealogy material! The following table of contents is specific to our website. If you wish to access the full table of contents for the quarterly periodical then you can download it from here for the years of 1994-2015: 1994 Volume I Number 1 – Winter 1994 Volume I Number 2 – Spring 1994 Volume I Number 3 – Summer 1994 1995 Volume II Number 1 – Winter 1995 Volume II Number 2 – Spring 1995 Volume II Number 3 – Summer1995 Volume II Number 4 – Fall 1995 1996 Volume III Number 1 – Winter 1996 Volume III Number 2 – Spring 1996 Volume III Number 3 – Summer 1996 Volume III Number 4 …

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