1895 Florida State Census for Nassau County Florida

A State Census is an extremely valuable tool for research covering the period between 1880 and 1900, since the Federal Census for 1890 was almost completely destroyed. Florida conducted statewide censuses in both 1885 and 1895, and a transcription of the 1895 Nassau County census data is posted here.

Only the records for Nassau County from 1895 are available at the Florida State Archives. They were also published by the Jacksonville Genealogical Society. Citation: 1895 state census, Nassau County, Florida; Jacksonville Genealogical Society (Florida); Books/Monographs; Jacksonville, Florida; Jacksonville Genealogical Society, ©1976.

While data from almost all of the Florida counties exist from the 1885 Census, data from Nassau County and three other Florida counties is missing. So, the 1895 census of Nassau County is the only census data available to you for that critical “twenty year” gap in the Federal Census records.

Note regarding census page numbers and content

Due to an overlapping numbering system, the census page numbers are separated by listing Fernandina with page numbers beginning with F. These include page numbers F5 through F39. The rest of the county is listed with page numbers 4 through 128. This is not a complete census of everyone who lived in Nassau County Florida in 1895. While it contains the names of many who lived here during this period, the transcription is incomplete!

1895 Florida State Census

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