The Nassau County Genealogist

Since 1992 the Amelia Island Genealogical Society members have published a quarterly called The Nassau County Genealogist. A print only publication, indexed in PERSI, The Nassau County Genealogist features stories and history of Nassau County, Florida, and its people. It also provides genealogical records which pertain to Nassau County, Florida. Jean Mann has served as the sole editor since the quarterly was first published.

wdt_ID Surname Given Name Volume Page
1 Aarons Jorge II 46
2 Abbot George IX 30
3 Abbott Frank XIII 51
4 Abbott R. H. XV 13
5 Abbra Edward M. VI 75
6 Aberdeen Emma I 30
7 Aberdeen James I 30
8 Aberdeen Rebecca I 30
9 Aberson Charles E. XII 85
10 Abertie Merrick VIII 74
Surname Given Name Volume Page
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