Standing Interrogation for Sarah (Higginbotham) Braddock

In the process of filing a Southern Commission claim, each witness on behalf of the claimant is questioned by an official on behalf of the Claims Commission using a standard set of questions, which by Sarah’s replies to some of these questions, must have changed somewhat during the early 1870s. “The changes from the original form as presented in the first General Report and as amended in the second were not designed to affect the policy of the commission.” 1 So the date the interrogation occurred on is important, as the questions asked and the order of them differ from the 1874 “final version” published online. When a claimant provides an answer it is listed to the left which specific question they answered, but not the question, and it’s very clear by Sarah’s ancestors the questions were ordered differently then the 1874 version. Sarah’s hearing was on 2 August 1872 at Fernandina, and was done by C. L. Robinson, Special Commissioner of the Commissioners of Claims. The packet starts with Sarah’s sworn testimony. Question 1 is a standard form that is filled out for each witness and signed by the special commissioner. This page appears out of order in the packet, stuck between pages 9 and 10. I present it first, however, since the packets contents was scanned in…

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  1. Klingberg, Frank Wysor, The Southern Claims Commission, p. 213, Appendix A; Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1955. Published as volume L of the University of California Publications in History.[]
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