Jones-Jacobs Cemetery

Jones-Jacobs Cemetery, is in Evergreen Florida, also known as Elmore Wilds Cemetery, and may also have been known as Evergreen Cemetery. Go north on US 17 to CR 108. Turn left, proceed to first paved road on left (Sandhill Dump), turn left. There is a fork in the road at about 600ft, take the right fork to the locked gate. About 8/10 mile from CR 108 are two cemeteries here, Jones-Jacobs and Wilder-Wilds. The Wilder-Wilds data is reported separately.

Jones-Jacobs Cemetery Location

(Nassau County)
Evergreen, FL

GPS Location 30.686872, -81.724684

Jones-Jacobs Cemetery Interments

This cemetery was inventoried in March 1998 by Kenneth Sturges.

Jones-Jacobs Cemetery was surveyed in 1941 as part of the WPA Veterans’ Grave Registration Project, identifying one WW1 veteran Pfc. James Lafayette Albertie. It was referenced as Evergreen Cemetery.

It was photographed in 2015 by Jim Miller.

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