Brick Yard Cemetery

The Brick Yard Cemetery is located in King’s Ferry Florida. From the traffic light in Hilliard, go out CR108 to Lessie Road. Turn onto Lessie Road and to Gilman Drive. Turn onto Gilman Drive and go about 1/2 mile and the cemetery is on the left.

A chain link fence surrounds the cemetery, and a second fence divides the cemetery into two sections. Section one has 54 grave sites, many unmarked, while the larger section is section two.

(MM) denotes a military marker, and funeral home markers are noted as of the date of the surveys. Grave locations are identified by section and number (i.e. S2, #5 would record grave number five in section two).

Brick Yard Cemetery Location

(Nassau County)
Gilman Drive
Kings Ferry, FL 32046 USA

Brick Yard Cemetery Interments

These data are a compilation of two surveys. It was inventoried May 1993 by Shirley Johnson McCabe, Ann Duff, and Joan Kraft Johnson, and separately by Lori Bragg. The McCabe/Duff/Johnson survey identified grave numbers, but in the the Bragg survey, no grave number was recorded.

The cemetery was surveyed in 1953 by a LDS team as Brick Yard Cemetery.

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