Old Still Cemetery

Old Still Cemetery is in Hilliard Florida and has gone by many names including the Davis/Blake Cemetery for the preponderance of Davis and Blake graves. From Hilliard, take County Road 108 east to FAA Facility. This is the intersection of CR108 and CR15A. Go north on CR15A for 1.6 miles. The Latter Day Saint Church is on the left. Just beyond the church is a dirt road, Oak Grove Drive, turn left. Follow the dirt road to the end (.3 mi) and you will come to the cemetery.

The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and is reasonably well maintained. A smaller fenced area outside and north of the cemetery encloses one grave. This cemetery is also known as East Still Cemetery which is the major cemetery and West Still Cemetery which contains the single grave of Jefferson Murrhee.

Eula Davis (Mrs. Upton) lived in an old farmhouse on CR15A. She is the daughter of Carrie Adelia Blake and Henry Murrhee and the granddaughter of John Blake who came from Boston, Massachusetts to the Hilliard area. She says that he was one of the founders of Hilliard. Mrs. Davis is 88 (b. c1908) and said that when she was a little girl, relatives told her that there used to be graves outside the fenced area, but any markers had long ago disappeared. The small fenced area to the north of the cemetery encloses the grave of Mrs. Davis’ grandfather, Jefferson Murrhee (pronounced Marie).

Request information or access to the cemetery at oldstillcemetery@gmail.com.

Old Still Cemetery Location

(Nassau County)
38312 Oak Grove Drive
Hilliard, FL 32046 USA

GPS Location: 30.721690, -81.911279

Old Still Cemetery Interments

This cemetery inventory was take on February 17, 1996, by Mary Nelson, Marguerite Frosher and Jean Mann with updates in September 2006 by Linda Davis.

Florida Master Site File ID NA01042, circa 1877, graves = 40.

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