Old Martindale Cemetery

The Old Martindale Cemetery, also known as Italia Cemetery, is located between Yulee and Callahan and travel in a 4-wheel vehicle is recommended to reach this cemetery. Turn off A1A/SR 200 between Yulee and Callahan onto the dirt Wildlife Management Road nearest to Payne’s Diesel on the Callahan side. The gate should be open. Continue on the dirt road crossing under high voltage power lines 7/10 mile from A1A/SR 200. Continue until you have gone a total of 1.6 miles coming to a triangular cut about two city blocks long. Take the left fork to the Old Yulee Road grade. Turn right and proceed down the old Yulee Road. This is Paper Mill Road #72. Go east for 1.1 miles. Turn left down Paper Mill Road #93. Go 3/10 mile. Look 420 feet off road to the right down pulp wood rut to clump of live oak trees. The cemetery is in the middle of the trees.

Old Martindale Cemetery Location

(Nassau County)
Wildlife Management Area
Italia, FL USA

GPS Location: 30.637734, -81.723832

Old Martindale Cemetery Interments

This cemetery was inventoried by Kenneth Sturges in February 1998 at that time he referred to it as Italia Cemetery.

It was surveyed in 1956 by a LDS survey team as Old Martindale Cemetery.

The AIGS is convinced that there is a separate cemetery, associated with the Italia community and are trying to locate it.

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