O’Neal Cemetery

This Cemetery is located in O’Neal Florida. From the intersection of A1A/CR200 and Scott Road, proceed north along Scott Road. Turn right on Calhoun Road which will become Calhoun Way. Go 6/10 mile and the cemetery is on the right.

This cemetery includes areas for Yulee, Nassau and O’Neal. Each area has its own caretaker. This cemetery is very sprawled out. The graves are located in nitches cut into the woods.

This Cemetery has been inventoried twice, in 1993 and 1998. For the 1998 inventory, the cemetery was divided into three sections, and the graves were numbered within the sections from south to north,

  • Section One is the westerly part and uses the dirt roads within the cemetery as reference lines.
  • Section Two is the middle section between two dirt roads running generally north and south.
  • Section Three is the easterly portion of the cemetery closest to the marsh.
  • Sections A and B were those graves which we located in the 1993 survey, but were no longer visible in the 1998 inventory. Section A graves are those found in the 1993 inventory is Sections 1 or 2, but not in the 1998 inventory probably because temporary markers are no longer readable. Section B graves were found only in 1993, but it could not be determined whether these graves were in Section 1, 2 or 3.

O’Neal Cemetery Location

(Nassau County)
4271 Calhoun Way
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

GPS Location: 30.619756, -81.508136

O'Neal Cemetery Interments

Inventory April 1993 by Connell Jenkins, Joan Johnson and Shirley McCabe.

New inventory in March 1998 by Ken Sturges

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