Live Oak Cemetery

The Live Oak Cemetery, also known as the Dyal Station Cemetery, is located near Callahan Florida. To reach it from Callahan, at the intersection of SR15/US301N and A1A/301S, go north on SR 15 past the Nassau County Fairgrounds and turn left on Dyal Road and go about one mile. Just before the railroad tracks, turn left onto dirt road. Turn left on Congregation Lane. The church and the cemetery are on the right.

The Live Oak Baptist Church was established in 1845 in a one-room log cabin. Later, the church membership met in a schoolhouse. In 1903, B. G. Dyal deeded two acres of land to the congregation where the first permanent church was built. Additional land was donated by Container Corporation of America and William Cook. Services each Sunday were not begun until February 1938. In September 1995, the original sanctuary was moved and the foundation was poured for a new sanctuary. The first burials in the cemetery were in 1885.

The Live Oak Cemetery contained 554 graves when it was surveyed in 2001. The cemetery is organized by row then grave location. So, the fourth grave in row 5 would be identified in the database as Row 5, Grave 4.

Live Oak Cemetery Location

(Nassau County)
36178 Congregation Lane
Callahan, FL 32011 USA

GPS Location 30.617972, -81.866052

Live Oak Cemetery Interments

Inventory begun on January 31, 2001, by Mary Nelson, Karen Fink, Barbara Swearingen and Jean Mann; interrupted due to rain. Completed on May 17, 2001, by Jean Mann

Florida Master Site File ID NA01006 & NA01028, Established circa 1893, Graves = 300

Nassau County Appraiser’s PID 01-2N-24-0000-0002-0000

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