Swearingen Cemetery

The Swearingen Cemetery is identified in the WPA Veterans’ Graves Project of 1940/1941, but it has never been located or surveyed recently.

Wayne Swearingen was born in Camden County GA. He moved to Nassau County Florida on Federal land he purchased between 1850 and 1857, some of which was granted for his services in the Florida Indian Wars (Seminole War).

Following his death in 1874 he was buried near Kings Ferry in Nassau County Florida, probably on his Father’s original plantation about 2 1/2 miles from Kings Ferry.

Jim Miller has studied the four cemetery locations near Kings Ferry and concluded we may never locate the actual grave of Wayne Swearingen However, his grave was identified by the Veterans’ Grave Registration project, and we do have documentation that he served as a Sergeant in the Florida Indian Wars, and that a veteran’s monument in his name was shipped to Kings Ferry for his grave “near” that location.

Jim Miller’s study of the four cemeteries near Kings Ferry can be viewed here. The details of the Swearing Cemetery are included on on pages 5 through 8 of that work.

Swearingen Cemetery Interments

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