Thiede Cemetery

The Thiede Cemetery is located in Oyster Bay, a gated community at the end of Barnwell Road. Access is restricted and may be requested via Oyster Bay Harbor and Yacht Club at their website. The area is historically known as Heath’s Point.

The cemetery is enclosed by a stone wall about 2 feet high. There are steps into the burial plots on both sides of the wall. An ornate floral spray of roses is carved into the Caroline Thiede monument. The cemetery is set on NE/SW direction.

From the intersection of SR-200/A1A and O’Neil/Scott Rd. proceed west on SR-200 for 0.4 miles, turn right onto Barnwell Rd. Proceed 2.3 miles to the Oyster Bay Gate. Ask for directions to 96101 Park Place at the gatehouse.

Thiede Cemetery Location

(Nassau County)
96101 Park Place
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 USA

GPS Location 30.653583, -81.511083

Thiede Cemetery Interments

This inventory was made on June 24, 1995 by Mary Nelson and Jean Mann, and a second photogrpahic survey was completed June 8 2013 by Jim and Carol Miller

The 8 June 2013 Survey of the Thiede Cemetery can be seen here.

Property Appraisers PID 46-3N-28-5065-00HP-0000

Florida Master Site File ID NA00996 established circa 1884 Graves 3.

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