Jones Cemetery

Jones Cemetery is between Yulee and Callahan Florida. To reach it, take Griffin Road off SR 200 (Turn north at Mt. Olive Church, 3.5 miles East of Callahan on A1A.) 2 1/2 miles to the end of Griffin road. Turn left at the end of the road. The cemetery is in a pasture on left on privately owned land. Information about this cemetery was supplied by Carl Jones of Pages Dairy Road in Yulee, a descendant of the people buried there. He said that John David Jones was the first Nassau County man killed in the Civil War, but no effort has been made to verify this family tradition.

Jones Cemetery Location

(Nassau County)
45415 Musselwhite Road
Callahan, FL 32011 USA

GPS Location 30.611031, -81.804799

Jones Cemetery Interments

This inventory made in August 1994 by Sheila Neider. She stated there were several additional graves covered with slabs with no inscriptions of any kind.

Florida Master Site File ID NA01030, Established circa 1863, Graves = 12

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