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Owens Cemetery, Evergreen Forida
(Nassau County)
Evergreen, FL USA
(No Grave Layout)
Florida Master Site File ID NA00994 established circa 1884, graves 10

The Owens Cemetery is in Evergreen Florida, located on the private property of  L. L. Owens approximately ½ mile from the southwestern terminus of Owens Cutoff Road at Nassau County Highway 108. When driving northeast, CR 108 takes a right turn, continue straight ahead, across the cattle guard, and follow the ruts to the Owens farmhouse. The cemetery is located on a small rise beneath a canopy of large oak trees with many old azaleas and cameillas. A chain link fence surrounds the sixty foot square cemetery.

The Owens Cemetery was inventoried by Kenneth Sturges in February 1998, with a second inventory by Linda Davis in April 2010. 

GPS Location  30.704944, -81.732715  Opens in a new window.