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Fernandez Cemetery (aka Villalonga Park)
(Amelia Island)
Between 4th and 5th Street north of Broom Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 USA

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Florida Master Site File ID NA00093, established 1883, 14 graves, alais Villalonga Park (FMSF) Cemetery.

The Fernandez Reserve Burial Grounds are located in the center of the Park between St. Michael's Catholic Church and the former St. Joseph's Academy. The location in Fernandina Beach is between North 4th Street and North 5th Street just north of Broome St. The Burial Grounds are surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

The Fernandez Reserve is also known as Villalonga Park and is situated on the site of the Spanish land grant given to Domingo Fernandez. This is the last remaining parcel of the plantation which had been sold by the Fernandez heirs to David Levy Yulee in the 1850's when the town of New Fernandina was founded. In July 1870 the Florida Town Improvement Company executed a deed to Bishop Augustin Verot of the Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Florida, transferring a parcel of land 30 by 200 feet for the use of the parish church. the deed also stipulated that the land known as the "Fernandez Acre" or "Cemetery Reserve" is to be reserved to the heirs of Domingo Fernandiz in perpetuity.

A large monument for the Villalonga family is inscribed on four sides as follows (map location #15):

West Side: Sacred to the memory of our beloved and only son JULIUS A. VILLALONGA born September 19th 1837 on Amelia Island Fla Died in Savannah GA July 1st 1877

South Side: Sacred to the memory of JOHN L. VILLALONGA Born at St. Augustine, Florida June 27th 1817 and died in Savannah, Georgia, October 25th 1880, Aged 63 Years 3 months and 28 Days. Requiescat in Pace

East Side: MARY LAURA VILLALONGA departed this life August 21st 1850. Aged 1 year and 6 months

North Side: Sacred to the memory of JANE C. VILLALONGA Born at Yellow Bluff now Fernandina, Fla May 3, 1818 and died in same place July 3, 1878. Aged 61 years and 2 months. Requiescat in Pace.

The Priests of St. Michael's Catholic Church

Two of the first Priests of St. Michael's Catholic Church are buried next to the entrance of the church. Though separated from the Fernandez cemetery, these two graves are listed here as part of the church grounds. The inscriptions on the original stones have been re-engraved. The English portion of the text follows below.

John Bertrazzi

Most Pious Priest

Originally from Diocese of Brixiensi, Italy

Died (in) Jacksonville, Florida

Died 18 May 1879

Age 55

The Florida Mirror on Saturday, May 24 1879 reported, "Father John Bertazzi died in the 59th year of his age, on Friday last in Jacksonville at the home of Henry Clark."

Carl Sartorio

Good & Faithful Priest

Born in Italy

Died in Florida

Died 29 July 1870

Age 27

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