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Mott Cemetery
(Nassau County)
Murrhee Road in Timber Land
Hilliard , FL 32046 USA
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This cemetery is located north of Hilliard on US Highway 1, turn right on Murhee Road, and go 1.2 miles to a locked gate on the left side of the road. This cemetery is on Rayonier land about .44 miles further inside their property. A vist requires Rayonier permission which must be obtained from their US Forest Resources group, Coastal Resources Unit located at 851582 US Highway 17 North. A map of the cemetery location and the cemetery layout both have links above.

These data are from three sources: Physical surveys by the Amelia Island Genealogy Society in 1995 and 2012, WPA Graves Registration data, and a contribution of Eunice A. Mott which supplies additional burials and the family relationships. This contribution is contained in the Nassau County Genealogist, Vol. IX, #2, Spring 2002. Photographs of each grave are also included with the online data. Search for an indivuidual or browse using links top left.

Thirty three graves are listed, including thirteen wooden markers containing no information. A member of the Mott family states there are also graves outside the fenced area, which are possibly graves of slaves who died on the plantation. Two Civil War soldiers, Burton Lemuel Mott and James I Johnson, in addition to Isabel and Abram Mott are buried here. Some surveys have called this the Henry Davis Cemetery.

The first AIGS survey was made by Shirley McCabe and Joan Johnson in 1995, and a 2012 survey was completed in May of 2012 by Jim Miller and Michael Toomey in association with Wanda Arnold, Jasper Griffin and Robbie Robinson of the West Nassau Genealogy Society.

GPS Location  30.736778, -81.931278   Opens in a new window.

Abram & Isabel Mott Headstone