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Laodicea Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
(Nassau County)
9 miles south of Callahan of US 301.
(No Grave Layout)

The Laodicea Primiive Baptist Church is on the CCA - Thomas Creek Tract, and there is no public access to this cemetery.  Some sources place this cemetery about 9 miles south of Callahan off US 301 near Thomas Creek, but we have no definite confirmation of the cemetery location.

According to information found in Volume 3,  #2 of the Jacksonville Genealogical Society Quarterly, published in 1975, this was once a large cemetery which was abandoned in 1955. The Laodicea Primitive Baptist Church once stood on this site. The only Surviving grave that can be identified is that of Caroline E. Hightower. According to Linda Dyal Johns, Her great-grandfather, John Zacharias Hightower was burried next to the grave of his wife Caroline Eveline (Nettles) Hightower in 1928. Caroline Hightower's birth and death dates are listed in the cemetery database.This was once a thriving church and evidence of other graves exist, but no markers are in evidence. The photograph below is also courtesy of Linda Dyal Johns.

Grave of Caroline Eveline Hightower