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Higginbotham Family Cemetery
(Nassau County)
57200 Lazy Acres Land
Evergreen , FL 32097 USA
(No Grave Layout)

The Higginbotham Family Cemetery is located on the private property of the estate of Linton L. Owens Jr., Evergreen, Florida, approximately 1/2 mile from the southeastern terminus of Owens Cutoff Road at Nassau County Highway 108. When driving northeast, CR 108 takes a right turn. Continue straight ahead across the cattle guard and follow the road to the Owens farmhouse. The house and outbuildings can be seen from CR 108.

Burris Higginbotham, is buried in this cemetery. He was a soldier in the Revoutionary War, and the owner of large tracts of land in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia.

In a letter to Helen B. Hodges, of Callahan in October 1979, L. L. Owens describes the events of Burris Higginbothams's burial at the cemetery.

"At the time of the funeral and burial, there was lot of rain, causing the water in the Little St. Mary's river swamp to be unsually high. They had to cross this water with horse and wagon with the body of Burris Higginbotham. There were afraid the body of the wagon with the body of Burris would float down stream, so they cut a good size tree, taking two cuts of the tree, nailing them together and floating the body of Burris across the stream where another horse and wagon brought the body on for burial"

The headstone on Burris Higginbotham's grave shown below was dedicated on Oct. 1, 2005 to pay tribute to a true Florida Pioneer, and Revolutionary War Soldier.

A survey of the cemetery was made by L. L. Owens, Jr. on October 18 1979. Kenneth and Nancy Sturges evaluated the cemetery again in March, 1998. Pictures are from the dedication on Oct. 1, 2005 and were taken by Linda Davis.

GPS Location  30.706081, -81.732803  Opens in a new window.

Burris Higginbotham Monument.