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Conner_Green Cemetery
(Nassau County)
2476 County Road 2
Bryceville, FL 32046 USA
(No Grave Layout)

The cemetery is on the road to St. George, Georgia near the Florida-Georgia border. From Callahan, go south on CR 108 to CR121. Turn left (south) to CR2 towards St. George. Turn right on the dirt road to the cemetery.

Established on property owned by Richard Green in the mid-1800s, the cemetery was originally known as the Green cemetery. The first grave that can be authenticated is for Rhoda Hunnicut Green, wife of James R. Green, the brother of Richard Green. In 1931, the name was changed to Conner-Green when one of the descendents married Frank Conner. Since Richard Green had no heirs, the property was inherited by James R. Green and his descendants. In 1931, Elizabeth Tanner Green, widow of Noah S. Green, deeded the cemetery to Nassau County and the State of Florida for cemetery purposes for the descendants of Noah S. Green and Frank Conner. Additional property was later donated for use as a parking lot by Tom Crawford, whos family members were buried in the cemetery. The cemetery has been maintained by the members of the Conner and Green families. A numerical order is shown for the graves but no layout is provided.

This list is in alphabetical order, and no grave layout was provided. Spouses are shown with one entry.

This information was provided by Sippie and Carl L. Green.

GPS Location  30.527281, -82.007537  Opens in a new window.
Conner_Green Cemetery