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Bryce Cemetery
(Nassau County)
6404 Church Drive
Bryceville, FL 32009 USA
(No Grave Layout, Rows Described Below)

To locate the Bryce Cemetery, take US301 to Bryceville, turn west on Church Avenue, go 2/10 of a mile. The cemetery is about 150 ft. on the right next to the Bryceville Methodist Church.

The Bryce Cemetery is located across the railroad track from the second home of George W. Bryce. An obelisk with the inscription "Bryce," on the west face is at the approximate center of the original cemetery. It is surrounded by beautiful magnolias and oaks with azaleas and camellias planted throughout the cemetery. The cemetery is laid out in five rows; the inventory begins at the southeast corner.
George W. Bryce purchased 80 acres of land in 1871 in the Bryceville/Brandy Branch area and began milling and turpentine operations in the area. His holdings eventually totaled many thousands of acres. The community developed along the railroad which was the primary means of communication through the area. Bryce later built a country store and became the postmaster of the Brandy Branch post office, which was located in his store in 1879. To distinguish the new settlement from the original settlement of Brandy Branch, Bryce changed the name of the post office to the Bryceville post office in 1886.

Inventoried on January 17 1998, by Pat Graham, Jean Mann, Mary Nelson, Nancy and Kenneth Sturges. Photographs are courtesy of the Jean Hodges Mizell collection.

GPS Location  30.385996, -81.941026  Opens in a new window.

Bryce Cemetery
Bryceville Methodist Church
Home of George William and Mary L .Bryce