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Old Still Cemetery

Old Still Cemetery is in Hilliard Florida and has gone by many names including the Davis/Blake Cemetery for the preponderance of Davis and Blake graves. From Hilliard, take County Road 108 east to FAA Facility. This is the intersection of CR108 and CR15A. Go north on CR15A for 1.6 miles. The Latter Day Saint Church is on the left. Just beyond the church is a dirt road, Oak Grove Drive, turn left. Follow the dirt road to the end (.3 mi) and you will come to the cemetery. The cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence and is reasonably…

Old Martindale Cemetery

The Old Martindale Cemetery, also known as Italia Cemetery, is located between Yulee and Callahan and travel in a 4-wheel vehicle is recommended to reach this cemetery. Turn off A1A/SR 200 between Yulee and Callahan onto the dirt Wildlife Management Road nearest to Payne’s Diesel on the Callahan side. The gate should be open. Continue on the dirt road crossing under high voltage power lines 7/10 mile from A1A/SR 200. Continue until you have gone a total of 1.6 miles coming to a triangular cut about two city blocks long. Take the left fork to the Old Yulee Road grade.…

Oakwood Cemetery, Hilliard

Oakwood Cemetery is located one mile from the center of Hilliard business district off intersection of CR 108 and Mills Street. Continue on Mill Street, which becomes Catherine Street to Ruby Drive. The cemetery 500 ft along Ruby Drive on the right. Due to the size of this cemetery, it was divided into sections for ease of surveying the cemetery. The survey is by row from East to West. Double tombstones are indicated by showing two names with each number on the inventory. Oakwood Cemetery Location (Nassau County)37349 Ruby DriveHilliard , FL 32046 USA GPS Location: 30.699955, -81.918612

Oakwood Cemetery, Hilliard, Interments

Oakwood Cemetery, Yulee

Oakwood Cemetery is located on Glen Street in Yulee Florida. Go 3.1 miles north from A1A on Chester Road to Benchmark Avenue, turn right and go one block. Turn left on Diamond Street. Go one block to Diamond Street, turn left (north). Go one block, turn right on paved street on Emerald Lane. Go east one block, turn left (north) onto Tigers Eye Street, past a retention pond. Street becomes dirt road. Continue east. Cemetery is on the left. This is a small cemetery, so no layout was provided. Oakwood Cemetery Location (Nassau County)97115 Glen StreetYulee , FL 32097 USA…

O’Neal Cemetery

This Cemetery is located in O’Neal Florida. From the intersection of A1A/CR200 and Scott Road, proceed north along Scott Road. Turn right on Calhoun Road which will become Calhoun Way. Go 6/10 mile and the cemetery is on the right. This cemetery includes areas for Yulee, Nassau and O’Neal. Each area has its own caretaker. This cemetery is very sprawled out. The graves are located in nitches cut into the woods. This Cemetery has been inventoried twice, in 1993 and 1998. For the 1998 inventory, the cemetery was divided into three sections, and the graves were numbered within the sections…

O’Donald Cemetery

The O’Donald Cemetery gravestones were reportedly moved to Jones Cemetery. According to History of Town of Callahan by Mrs. T. B. Wells, the cemetery was located just north of Callahan on the Present US 301. There was a tiny chapel said to seat about six persons, which burned down.

O'Donald Cemetery Interments

Surveyed in 1956 by LDS.

Norton Cemetery

The Norton Cemetery, also known as the Deep Creek Cemetery, is North of Bryceville, Florida. To reach it, on Cr 121, go to 0.5 miles south of the intersection of Hamp Hicks Road and CR 121. The Cemetery is on the East side of CR 121. It is is about 19 miles South of Hilliard on Cr 108 leading to Cr 121, and will be about 0.5 mile beyond Hamp Hicks Road on the left. Norton Cemetery Location (Nassau County)CR 121Bryceville, FL GPS Location 30.456560, -82.002051

Norton Cemetery Interments

The following quotation is on the grave of Noah N. Norton: Death…

Nelson Cemetery

Nelson Cemetery is located in CCA Block 1140. There is no public access to this cemetery. Contact Smurfit-Stone or Rayonier Corporation for information regarding access. Nelson Cemetery Location (Nassau County)CCA Block 1140FL We have no map location or GPS for this cemetery

Nelson Cemetery Interments

This survey was made in May 1993 by Ann Duff, Shirley McCabe, and Joan Johnson.

Nathalene Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

From Hilliard, take CR 108 West. Go past the school. CR 108 makes a sharp left next to a Minit Market. Take the first paved road to the right, Bay Road, about one block after the market. Go 3.1 miles to Conner Nelson Road and turn right. Go 1.5 miles to Nathalene Drive and turn right onto dirt road to church. The cemetery is behind the church and is enclosed by a chain link fence. Nathalene Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Location (Nassau County)Nathalene DriveHilliard, FL 32046 USA GPS Location 30.702655, -82.003495

Nathalene Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Interments

This inventory made on May 17, 2001,…

Mount Olive Cemetery

This cemetery is in King’s Ferry Florida. To reach it, from the intersection of Lessie Road and Middle Road, take Lessie Road back towards CR 108. Go 4/10 mile to Mt. Olive Road. Turn on Mt. Olive Road and continue until you come to the church – approximately 2/10 mile on right. Mount Olive Cemetery Location (Nassau County)49167 Mt Olive RdHilliard, FL 32046 USA GPS Location 30.782344, -81.829786

Mount Olive Cemetery Interments

This cemetery inventory was completed by Kenneth Sturges on April 26, 1998.

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Genealogy Articles

The Nassau County Genealogist cover

Goodbread Genealogy

The following information is given on individuals with connections to Nassau County followed by the ancestor chart of James Taliaferro Goodbread who presently lives in Cleveland, Oklahoma. Details of the lineage are given with the ancestor chart.
The Nassau County Genealogist cover

Ancestors of James Taliaferro Goodbread

Provides an Ahnentafel chart of James Taliaferro Goodbread through his Nassau county, Florida roots backwards until he reaches the Nordheim, Germany area in the 1500s.
The Nassau County Genealogist cover

Herbert Eustace Goodbread

Herbert Eaustace Goodbread was the fifth child of Phillip Souder Goodbread, Jr. and Mabel Clair Goodbread. He was born on September 29, 1898 in Nassau County, Florida, and died in Tucson, Arizona, on June 28, 1986.
The Nassau County Genealogist cover

Houston Parrish Goodbread

Houston Parrish Goodbread was the eighth child of Phillip Souder Goodbread, Sr. and Elizabeth Ann Parrish. He was born on April 19, 1876 at Chester, Nassau County, Florida. He died on April 22, 1953 at Edgewater, Volusia County, Florida. On November 28, 1909, he married Frances Strickland in Nassau County,…
The Nassau County Genealogist cover

Family of Jacob Tapley Goodbread and Charlotte Lee Colson

Jacob Tapley Goodbread, third child of Phillip Souder Goodbread and Elizabeth Ann Parrish, was born on October 10, 1862. He died December 17, 1948, at Callahan, Nassau Co., Florida. He was married in Nassau County on January 29, 1885, to Charlotte Lee Colson.
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