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For over a quarter of a century the Amelia Island Genealogical Society (AIGS) has been proud to serve both those seeking information about Amelia Island ancestors and those without local ties wishing to connect with other local genealogists.

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Old Town Fernandina Land Plats – 1811-1821

Fernandina was the last city platted by the Spanish in the New World, thirty years after the plat of Los Angeles. The plat of what is now known as Old Town follows the traditional elements of city planning in the New World by the Spanish. A town plaza faced the harbor with streets laid out in a grid pattern with lots measuring 46 feet wide and 96 feet deep. The Spanish Governor’s order to rezone Fernandina was signed on May 10, 1811, and read as follows: “Whereas, for the purpose of regulating the town of Fernandina on the Island of………

Obituaries from the Florida Mirror, 1878-1880

These obituaries and estate sale notices were transcribed from the Florida Mirror issues for 30 Nov 1878, 7 Dec 1878, 28 Dec 1878, 4 Jan 1879, 1 Feb 1879, and 21 Jan 1880. The names of those deceased: Judge John Friend, John C. Griswold, Dr. F. P. Wellford, Rev. Archibald Baker, Mrs. Harriet Willis, Liberty Billings, and Charles L. Hoyt.

The Nassau County Genealogist: Online Table of Contents

The Amelia Island Genealogical Society has published the Nassau County Genealogist continuously since 1994. A print only publication, indexed in PERSI, The Nassau County Genealogist features stories and history of Nassau County, Florida, and its people. It also provides genealogical records which pertain to Nassau County, Florida. Jean Mann has served as the sole editor since the quarterly was first published! Our quarterly is published in January (Winter), April (Spring), July (Summer), and October (Fall). There have been occasional combining of issues and during Covid of 2020 some issues were unable to be published. The Amelia Island Genealogical Society is publishing The Nassau…

Attendees at Nassau County Florida Funerals

While creating the Nassau County Florida Obituaries data set the Amelia Island Genealogical Society volunteers also extracted a list of those who attended the funeral. It was hoped that genealogists could utilize this list of people to find individuals who may have been related to the decedent.

Nassau County Florida Current Obituaries

An index of obituaries and death notices from the Fernandina Beach News-Leader, January 2016 – Present plus all obituaries from the News-Leader and some obituaries from the Florida Times- Union from October 1992 through December 2007. Obituaries from Nassau County Record from January 2017 – Present are now included.

General Land Office (GLO) index for Nassau County Florida

This data includes 127 land transactions for Nassau County Florida, and includes the name of the individual who purchased the land, the signature date, the document number and the Florida Land transaction reference number.

Government Land Office Records

The General Land Office Records are available for Florida online at the Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records.

Member Contributions

Available for download are articles, histories and stories about Amelia Island and Nassau County, Florida and the individuals and families who came to this area.

Nassau County Wills Index 1870-1908

The Index of wills for Nassau County Florida from 1870 to 1908 contains 105 Wills which are summarized in this data set. They are also contained in their complete form on Family History Library microfilm, # 954987.

Nassau County Wills Index 1870-1908

Nassau County Cemeteries

Nassau County Cemeteries provides an alphabetical list of known burial grounds in Nassau County including their AKA names. You can search through each cemetery from their individual page, or search all the listings at once.

Wingate Cemetery

The Wingate Cemetery, also known as the Old Campbell Homestead Cemetery, is North of Yulee Florida. This page provides the exact location and the results from all known surveys of the Wingate Cemetery.
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Genealogy Articles

Fun and Foibles

On Tuesday, September 20, we were treated to an informative and very entertaining presentation by Joel Warner, President of the Jacksonville Genealogical Society.  Joel had come to Amelia Island to talk to us about four cases he had worked on during his research in England.  He managed to involve the…

Free Genealogy Forms

The following forms will enable our membership to create and document their family history in a more organized manner. The number and types of these forms will increase over time as they are created. Starting out we have a basic set of forms that should encourage better record keeping. Each…

The Nassau County Genealogist

The Nassau County Genealogist  – Change in Year-End Mailing Procedures

Considering increased postage and printing costs, the AIGS Board has made the decision to discontinue the automatic mailing of The Nassau County Genealogist issues remaining in members’ folders at year end.  This will apply only to members who reside locally (Nassau County); mailing will continue for out-of-county and Organization memberships….

Sarah Braddock Claim File 13525 Page 1

President’s Message for August 2022

The webmaster has been busy this past month adding additional volumes of the Nassau Genealogist to our online collection. Recent additions include biographies, obituaries, newspaper excerpts, several articles on the Goodbread family. These all came from volume V of TNG which were published back in 1998. Please take a look…

Standing Interrogation for Sarah (Higginbotham) Braddock

In the process of filing a Southern Commission claim, each witness on behalf of the claimant is questioned by an official on behalf of the Claims Commission using a standard set of questions, which by Sarah’s replies to some of these questions, must have changed somewhat during the early 1870s….

Will of John S Braddock, 1857 Page 1

Will of John S. Braddock, 1857

Found within Southern Claims Commission File #13525 is a copy of the will of John S. Braddock, written in 1857. In order for Sarah Braddock to file for the claim in 1872, she needed to prove she had legal authority over her husband, John S. Braddock’s property, since he was…

The Nassau County Genealogist cover

Records from Nassau County Deed Book A – 1840-1842

p.1 Territory of Florida, Nassau CountyThomas I. Higginbotham to Joseph Higginbotham for- $700Negro woman called Susan about 26 yrs old, dark complexion26 June 1840Witness: James T. ONeill, Asaph DunbarSpicer C. Braddock, County Clerk p.2 Territory of Fla, Nassau County20 Dec 1839. Antonio Deas to James Lang. $50. Property in OldTownWitness:…

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