Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Genealogists often have overlapping interests and skillsets (or lack thereof) with other genealogists. These overlapping genealogical interests and skillsets are perfect for groups of members to create a group around. We call these Special Interest Groups, or SIGs for the abbreviated shortened version. SIGs from the board. These groups can meet virtually or in person and can be anywhere from 2-12 people (you get more than 12 and they kind of defy the definition of “small”). It’s up to each group how often to meet, and when to meet. The Amelia Island Genealogical Society will support you in your interests, setting up these groups, and getting the word out to the membership. These groups are for members only! It’s one of those benefits of membership we like to talk about on the website.

Each SIG sets their own dates and time for meetings, how frequently they meet, and whether to meet in person or virtually. If you’re at all interested, please register for the group on their individual pages and the group leader will get in touch with you.

Family Tree Maker – Special Interest Group

FamilyTreeMaker, celebrated as a leading genealogy software among our community, serves as the focus for this Special Interest Group designed for members keen on deepening their understanding and utilization of the software to craft their own Family Trees. Recognizing the diverse needs of our users, including those with the software installed on their desktops who cannot physically transport their setups to a library meeting, as well as our non-local members eager to participate, we have opted for a virtual class format. This group is exclusively available to current members of the Amelia Island Genealogical Society.

Writing Your Ancestors Story – Special Interest Group

During your journey of uncovering your family history, there comes a moment when you’ll want to preserve and share the rich narratives of your forebears with future generations. We’re delving beyond mere dates of births, marriages, and deaths to uncover the essence of who these individuals were, their life’s endeavors, and their contributions to society and the broader world. In this specialized interest group, through a mix of video content, online blog exploration, and writing tutorials, participants will embark on the journey of translating these fascinating stories from thoughts to written word. This group will operate entirely online, allowing you to engage from the comfort of your home, needing nothing more than an internet connection and a means to connect. This opportunity is exclusively available to current members of the AIGS. Membership comes with its privileges! Not yet a member? We invite you to join us today!

2 thoughts on “Special Interest Groups (SIG)”

  1. Dennis,
    Which one of these groups is the one that goes with the book we ordered already? Do you expect these to be offered again, or only this time for each subject? Thanks, Darlene

    1. The one you have the book for is Mastering Genealogical Documentation.

      I’m not certain if I would do either of these again, as they’re kind of one off subjects, but that doesn’t mean somebody else won’t take up the subject matter and lead a group… perhaps the writing I may keep going, because I am so adamant in getting genealogists to write out these life stories.

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