Writing Your Ancestors Life Story

Group Leader: Dennis Partridge

At some point in the process of conducting genealogical research, you should desire to save and pass down to your descendants those stories you’ve discovered about your ancestors. We’re not talking BMD facts (birth, marriage, death), but who were they, what did they do during their life, and how did they contribute to society and the world around them? With a combination of video and working through the manuscript “Guide to Genealogical Writing” by Penelope Stratton and Henry Hoff, participants in this group will begin the process of putting pen to paper and writing these stories. Times, dates, and whether this is a virtual or in-person group meeting will be decided by those indicating they want to participate. If you have a question about this group please fill out the comments below the signup form. Otherwise if you’re interested in joining, please fill out the form and click the link to signup. The group leader will contact you back!

This SIG is open to AIGS members only. Membership has it’s benefits!

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