Nassau County Nominations and Appointments found in the Florida Territorial Papers

Proclamation Re Election by Governor Duval

[July 23, 1826]

William P. Duval, Governor of the Territory of Florida, announces that an election for thirteen members of the Legislative Council will be held on the first Monday of October. Election districts are established.

9th District – within the following assigned limits, “the boundary lines of Nassau County.”

Four precincts –

1st precinct at Roses Bluff, judges, James T. Oneil and William Mathews jun.

2d precinct – at the house of D. Higginbottom judges, D. Higginbottom, Ridgon Brown and Lewellen Williams.

3d precinct – at Amelia Island – Fernandina, judges, Chas Seaton, Thomas Reynolds and Domingo Acosta

4th precinct – at Wm. Frinks house, judges, William Frink, Britton Knight and James G. Smith

Reference: Florida Territorial Papers, Vol. XXIII, p.p. 619, 622.

Acting Governor McCarty to the President of the Legislative Council

[January 28th 1828]

William M. McCarty, the Acting Governor Florida, sent a letter to the President of the Legislative Council nominating the following people in Nassau County for office:

James McCormick
Gustavus Cox
Daniel McDaniel
Thomas Backhouse
Chas Canto

Magistrate for the Upper District
Magistrate for the Middle District
Magistrate for the Amelia District
Lumber Measurer

Reference: Florida Territorial Papers, Vol. XXIII, p. 1016

1833 Appointments to Office by the Governor

[February 17, 1833]

Nominations were considered and confirmed “yesterday”.

Nassau County

Judge of the county court – James T. O’Neil
Justices of the Peace – Robert Miller, John Middleton jr, John Braddock, Charles Seaton, William Braddock, William Buford, Zachariah Moat
Notaries Public – John Evertson, John Middleton jr
Appraisers of the Union Bank – Robert Harrison, Daniel Vaughan, James T. O’Neil, Elijah Higginbotham, William Braddock
Auctioneer – John Evertson

Reference: Florida Territorial Papers, Vol. XXIV, p. 816

1834 Appointments to Office by the Governor

[February 13th, 1834]

Nassau County

Justices of the Peace – Joseph R. Prevatt, James Bessant, James Sparkman, John D. Braddock, William Turner, John Kirkland
Notary Public – Domingo Acosta, William Haddock
Auctioneers – Domingo Acosta, William Haddock

Reference: Vol. Florida Territorial Papers, XXIV, p. 968

1840 Executive Nominations for Territorial Appointment

[10th February 1840]

Notary Public and Auctioneer at Fernandina for Nassau County: John A. Cavado

Reference: Vol. Florida Territorial Papers, XXVI, p. 60

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