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The Amelia Island Genealogical Society has collected 47,000 genealogical records for individuals who have lived in Nassau County Florida.

Chester Cemetery

The Chester Cemetery is located in Chester Florida. To reach the cemetery turn off A1A, going north on Chester Road. Follow Chester Road to intersection of Blackrock Road. Turn right on Blackrock Road, go around the curve. The Church of God is on the left side of the road, and the cemetery is on the right opposite the church. Chester Cemetery Location (Nassau County)1621 Blackrock RoadYule, FL 32097 USA GPS Location 30.679419, -81.537456 Inventoried in September 1995.

Buford Grove Cemetery

Buford Grove Church became a member of the St. Mary’s Association in 1887, but it is thought that services were held at least ten years before this association when the recorded membership was 47 members. The land on which the church is located was deeded to the trustees by Henry and Isabelle Davis on 18 July 1904. In 1934, land the Davises had donated for a school was deeded back to the church by the Nassau County School Board. An additional five acres was purchased in 1954 from Mr. and Mrs. Eustis Loyd. The church left the St. Mary’s Association in 1924 and became affiliated with the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship. Early pastors included Daniel Sikes (1891), D. C. Andress (1899), Theodore Davis (1905), Mac McDonald (1917), Willie Sanders (1923), Dr. A. L. Kennan (1924), J. W. Caines (1925), W. E. Hall (1926), E. R. Bowers (1938), J. E. Murhee (1951) and S. H. Stewart who served for 35 years from 1961 to 1996 when he retired. An additional one acre of the church property is being used as cemetery space since the old cemetery is full. The inventory was made beginning with the section behind the community hall (site of the original church) at the westernmost part of the cemetery and beginning with the grave closest to the road. Graves a numbered by row, and by number in the row, so a grave located as Row 6:7 Would be in row 6, grave number 7. An unpaved access road is …

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Bryce Cemetery

Bryce Cemetery

The Bryce Cemetery is located across the railroad track from the second home of George W. Bryce. An obelisk with the inscription “Bryce,” on the west face is at the approximate center of the original cemetery. It is surrounded by beautiful magnolias and oaks with azaleas and camellias planted throughout the cemetery. The cemetery is laid out in five rows; the inventory begins at the southeast corner. George W. Bryce purchased 80 acres of land in 1871 in the Bryceville/Brandy Branch area and began milling and turpentine operations in the area. His holdings eventually totaled many thousands of acres. The community developed along the railroad which was the primary means of communication through the area. Bryce later built a country store and became the postmaster of the Brandy Branch post office, which was located in his store in 1879. To distinguish the new settlement from the original settlement of Brandy Branch, Bryce changed the name of the post office to the Bryceville post office in 1886. Bryce Cemetery Location (Nassau County)6404 Church DriveBryceville, FL 32009 USA GPS Location 30.385996, -81.941026 To locate the Bryce Cemetery, take US301 to Bryceville, turn west on Church Avenue, go 2/10 of a mile. The cemetery is about 150 ft. on the right next to the Bryceville Methodist Church. Inventoried on January 17 1998, by Pat Graham, Jean Mann, Mary Nelson, Nancy and Kenneth Sturges. Photographs are courtesy of the Jean Hodges Mizell collection.

Brandy Branch Church Cemetery

Brandy Branch Cemetery

The Brandy Branch Cemetery is in the south east corner of Nassau County, five miles north of Baldwin Florida on Brandy Branch Road adjacent to the Brandy Branch Church. To reach this cemetery from Amelia Island go west on highway A1A through Callahan FL, continuing southwest on highway 301 until you reach Otis Road (FL highway 119) where you turn right. Follow highway 119 until you reach River Road, then turn left on River Road go about two miles and the church and cemetery will be on your right. Alternatively, take Interstate 10 west of Jacksonville, exit at Baldwin FL turn left at the town center and go west one mile to Brandy Branch Rd. Go north on Brandy Branch Road about 5 miles and the Brandy Branch Church and Cemetery will be on your left. This is a large cemetery with about 1000 graves. The survey was organized as a grid of roughly 100 X 100 foot Divisions numbered A1 through D4. Division E1 is in a separate fenced area outside of but attached to the cemetery near the church. A drawing of the layout can be seen below. Brandy Branch Cemetery Location (Nassau County)1906 Brandy Branch Church PlaceBryceville, FL 32009 GPS Location 30.367981, -82.018063 This cemetery inventory has been completed by Danny Mallard, who was assisted by Jim Miller and Michael Toomey in the organization and layout of the Brandy Branch Cemetery survey. The inventory currently contains 809 graves, and is complete as of 25 May 2014. It …

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Brick Yard Cemetery

The Brick Yard Cemetery is located in King’s Ferry Florida. From the traffic light in Hilliard, go out CR108 to Lessie Road. Turn onto Lessie Road and to Gilman Drive. Turn onto Gilman Drive and go about 1/2 mile and the cemetery is on the left. A chain link fence surrounds the cemetery, and a second fence divides the cemetery into two sections. Section one has 54 grave sites, many unmarked, while the larger section is section two. (MM) denotes a military marker, and funeral home markers are noted as of the date of the surveys. Grave locations are identified by section and number (i.e. S2, #5 would record grave number five in section two). Brick Yard Cemetery Location (Nassau County)Gilman DriveKings Ferry, FL 32046 USA These data are a compilation of two surveys. It was inventoried May 1993 by Shirley Johnson McCabe, Ann Duff, and Joan Kraft Johnson, and separately by Lori Bragg. The McCabe/Duff/Johnson survey identified grave numbers, but in the the Bragg survey, no grave number was recorded. The cemetery was surveyed in 1953 by a LDS team as Brick Yard Cemetery.

Braddock Cemetery, Callahan

The Braddock Cemetery in Callahan is located as follows: A1A between Yulee and Callahan intersects with Griffin Road, which is next to the power company yard. Take Griffin road 2.2 miles to the intersection of Middle Road and Musslewhite Road. Turn right on Middle Road. Go 1.6 miles to Braddock Road. Turn right on Braddock Road and go 1/2 mile. (Note: Braddock Road is a dirt graded road.) Look into the woods on your left behind the ditch. The cemetery is on a slight mound. Braddock Cemetery, Callahan Interments (Nassau County)3852 Braddock RoadCallahan, FL 32011 USA GPS Location 30.659809, -81.776394 Inventoried in March 1998 by Kennery Sturges and earlier by Lori Bragg. The cemetery was surveyed in 1953 by a LDS team as Braddock Family Cemetery.

Braddock Cemetery, Hilliard

The Braddock Cemetery in Hilliard is located on private property known as the Mizell Tract-CCA. From the intersection of SR-108, in Hillard go south on US301 3-miles, turn left on Mizell Tract Rd for 0.6-mi then north on an unnamed road for 0.3-mi. The cemetery is 400-ft on the left. An inventory done in 1976 by Leonard T. McKendree, Jr. indicated eleven unmarked graves, one slab with no name, two graves that were caved in and unmarked and eight graves with wooden post markers. In 1993 only three unmarked graves were visible. McKendree family members state there are at least four McKendress buried in this cemetery, James Marion McKendree (verified by WPA Veterans survey), Lemuel McKendree, Charles B. McKendree and J. O. (Mack) McKendree. Braddock Cemetery, Hilliard Location (Nassau County)Mizell Tract RoadHilliard, FL 32046 USA GPS Location 30.672129, -81.872745 Inventoried May 1993 by Shirley Johnson McCabe, Ann Duff, and Joan Kraft Johnson.

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

The Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery is in Hilliard Florida on Bethel Church Road. To reach it, go north on US #1 from Callahan to the caution light just before Hilliard, turn left off US #1 onto Henry Smith Road. Go over the railroad tracks, turn left onto CR115, go approximately 3.3 miles and you’ll see the sign on your left to the church. Turn left onto a dirt road and the church will be in front of you. MTS = Military Tombstone; MM = Military Marker; FHM = Funeral Home Marker; ME = Masonic Emblem; ES = Eastern Star Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Location (Nassau County)36061 Bethel Church RoadCallahan, FL 32011 USA GPS Location 30.627876, -81.888083 This cemetery survey was made on July 26, 1994 by Charlene Wilkes and Levada Weaver. The cemetery was also surveyed in 1956 by an LDS team as Bethel Church Cemetery.

Benton Cemetery

The Benton Cemetery is listed in the Veterans’ Graves Registration Project of the WPA, containing the graves of two men, Malachia Anderson and Edward Benton. We have never been able to locate the cemetery, but the records of these two men are included in our database since we have proof of their burials. The original Veterans’ Graves Registration location directions place the cemetery in Section 19, Township 4N, Range 25E. “From the intersection of Kings Ferry and Fernandina Roads at Kings Ferry, go 4/10 mile on Kings Ferry road, the right on dirt road 2 and 2/10 miles to cemetery which lies on an open field” Jim Miller searched for this cemetery without success in 2013, and he created the following survey report to record the result. Benton Cemetery Survey Report

Acosta Cemetery

The Acosta Cemetery, also known as the Higginbotham Cemetery and the Page Cemetery, is located in Yulee Florida. To reach it, from SR 200, take Chester Road 4/10 miles to the intersection with Pages Dairy road. Turn left (west) on Pages Dairy Road and continue 1.6 miles. The cemetery is on the south side of Pages Dairy Road. Acosta Cemetery Location 86524 Pages Dairy RoadYulee, FL 32097 USA This cemetery was first inventoried by Shirley Johnson McCabe in June 1993. It was updated in March of 1998 by Nancy and Kenneth Sturges.

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