President’s Message for February 2022

As I write this message today I can announce a successful conclusion to the 2022 Beginner’s Class! I wish to express my deep appreciation to Jean Mann for volunteering to head up Education Committee and spearheading the classes this year. Without her volunteering we would not have been able to have them. Volunteers is what makes this organization work, nobody is a paid employee! Please consider volunteering someplace!

In 2019 I started a 102 Genealogy Class where I was going to provide instruction in the computer lab at the Fernandina Beach Library where class members could log in to the websites I was teaching from to have a more hands-on experience. Unfortunately, Covid interrupted those classes. Since I am both President and Webmaster for AIGS at this time, I believe it would be too big of a task for me to attempt to start those classes back up. This is why it is important that members volunteer!!! OK… off my soapbox.

RootsTech 2022 is starting up shortly. It will run from 3-5 March and is 100% virtual and 100% free! RootsTech, for those that haven’t heard about it, is a large genealogy conference (over 1,500 sessions) put on by FamilySearch each year. Since Covid they have been doing it virtually enabling anyone to access a very large array of genealogy instruction from your home. You should take a look at what type of presentations they will have and see if any interest you.

Our February monthly meeting with Medardo Monzon presenting about the Genealogy of Genes is expected to be well attended. If you want to sit next to your significant other than we suggest you arrive early… doors open around 6:30pm.

I promised our Beginner’s class that I would give them a PDF copy of the website portion of their manual so that they could simple click on a link rather than type it in. These are linked below and everyone is welcome to use them.

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