Rob Portegies-Zwart

How to Convert Old Photographs, Slides, & Videos into Digital Formats

On April 18, 25 attendees to our monthly meeting, including nine guests, were treated to a very lively and informative presentation by Jo Lichten. Based on the experience with her own family, Jo explained how to preserve cherished memories for future generations. She showed how to convert photos, slides, and videos into digital formats, either by doing it yourself or by hiring a reputable company for the job. She reviewed equipment for DIYs, where to outsource and what costs to expect. We also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of storage places such as computers, jump (thumb) drives, external backup devices, and the cloud. Thank you, Jo, for a great program!

Genealogy or History? Collaborative Research in Action

During our general meeting on March 21, 2023, the AIGS was pleased to welcome Carol Clay, Past-President of the Southern Genealogist Exchange Society (SGES). An attentive audience of 29, including five non-members, listened to her very informative and entertaining presentation, which covered the history, inventory and activities of the SGES, and specifically its research on two prominent Jacksonville citizens and their families. Thank you, Carol! For those who missed it: a recording of an earlier presentation by Carol on the same topic can be watched below.

Kyle Adkins

Use of Death and Funeral Home Records for Genealogical Research

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our meeting on February 21 was held at an unusual location. When it appeared that we could not access the Library meeting room, our speaker, Kyle Adkins, generously offered to convene at his office building. So, there we were, 23 AIGS members listening to his presentation on the Use of Death and Funeral Home Records for Genealogical Research in the Chapel of the Oxley-Heard Funeral Home! Being on his own turf seemed to make the speaker very comfortable, and he treated us to an excellent, informative program. He also kindly answered many questions from the attendees, and it was 8:45pm when we concluded the program. On behalf of AIGS, thank you, Kyle, for a great presentation, for your hospitality, and for saving the day.

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