Laodicea Primitive Baptist Church, 1880-1955

The Laodicea Primitive Baptist Church is on the CCA – Thomas Creek Tract. Some sources place this church about 9 miles south of Callahan off US 1 near Thomas Creek, but we have no definite confirmation of the cemetery location, and Thomas Creek Tract is only about 5 miles south of Callahan when traveling US 1.

Constituted in 1880. Services held in log church until 1918 when a square, unpainted frame building was erected. The Laodicea Primitive Baptist Church was part of the St. Mary’s River Association. Its first settled pastor was Rev. J. D. Knight, 1880-1917. The church was inventoried as part of the WPA project in 1942 when it’s present pastor was Rev. B. F. Thomas, who had pastored since 1933, and resided on Route #3 in Blackshear, Georgia.

  • Minutes of Laodicea Primitive Baptist Church, 1880-1884, 1901-, 1 vol.
    Showing articles of Constitution, Government of Church, Rules of decorum, minutes of church conferences, charter members, membership roll, DEATHS. – Custody of clerk, Mrs. Jane Crews, Route #5, Box 712, Jacksonville.

If anyone has information concerning the location of the records at this time, please reach out to the Amelia Island Genealogical Society! The deaths may be the only recorded information about those buried in the cemetery attached to the church.

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