Records from Nassau County Deed Book A – 1840-1842

p.1 Territory of Florida, Nassau CountyThomas I. Higginbotham to Joseph Higginbotham for- $700Negro woman called Susan about 26 yrs old, dark complexion26 June 1840Witness: James T. ONeill, Asaph DunbarSpicer C. Braddock, County Clerk p.2 Territory of Fla, Nassau County20 Dec 1839. Antonio Deas to James Lang. $50. Property in OldTownWitness: Domingo Acosta, John A. CavidoFrancis D. Pouck (?), mayor, verified p.4 James Bissant to Wm Wilker/Wilks and R. W. Kirkland$250 for 640 acres on waters of Boggy Swamp and the Kings Roadformer property of Lewis Thigpen3 Dec 1835Witness: William Luan(?), Samuel Russell p.5 William Wilkes to R. W. Kirkland $200320 acres – one-half of land bought from James BissentReuben W. Kirkland24 Feb 1837Witness: James Bissent, Jackson Lynn P.7Territory of Florida, Saint AugustineKnow all men by these presents that I, Susannah Murphy, of St.Augustine (widow) administratrix of all & singular the goods &chattel rights & —- which –. of James Cashiaw, late of said placedeceased, Hath made constituted and appointed and by these presencedoth make constitute and appoint Archibald Clark, Esq. of St. Marys,my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name as Administratrixas aforesaid to make & execute titles to Henry Bacon of St. Marys ofall that certain tract of Land situated lying & being on St. MarysRiver Nassau County containing Two hundred and Thirty acres (moreor less) And Known as Reids Bluff ratifying all owing & confirmingall and every act mindful and necessary in the promises as fully andeffectually and personally present.In Witness whereof I have him…

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