Henry Timanus Family

Henry Timanus was the son of Charles Timanus and Jane Lester. He was born on 4 January 1815 and died on 13 January 1872. He married Carolina Rosella Glover Marsh about 1847, probably in South Carolina. She was the daughter of John Marsh 1 and Sarah Ann Glover 2. Carolina was born on 22 November 1830 and died 20 December 1893 at Gainesville, Florida. Both are buried in Bosque Bello Cemetery in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Henry Timanus moved from Baltimore and in 1844 was living in Newton County, Georgia. On 3 May 1847, he bought land belonging to John Marsh at a sheriff’s sale in Edgefield District, South Carolina. On 7 January 1853, he received property on his wife’s behalf from the estate of her mother, Sarah S. Marsh. About 1857, the Timanus family moved to Fernandina where Henry made his home until his death. During the year 1857, Henry Timanus made a number of 99-year leases in the new town of Fernandina from the Florida Railroad Company. Additionally, he purchased property for his own account. During the Civil War, Timanus was appointed as a captain in the Confederate Army on…

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  1. John Marsh was born about 1790 and died in 1857 at the age of 67 years.[]
  2. Sarah Ann Glover was the only child of Andrew and Dicey Glover. She was born about 1795 and died in 1850. She was first married to John Nail and had three children with him. Andrew Glover lived on Big Horse Creek near Graniteville, South Carolina.[]
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