Biography of John Daniel Vaughan

Following is a sketch of John Daniel Vaughn’s life presented at the dedication on May 7, 1927 for the unveiling of a marker at the grave of Lt. John Daniel Vaughan by the National Society Daughters of 1812, State of Florida. John D. Vaughan was born in Boston Mass., March 13, 1763. His parents were Henry and Mary Humphrey Vaughn, native of Dorchester, his mother’s family being one of the most conspicuous of that historic town. Of his childhood, there is no record. He entered military service at age 14, although he gave his age as sixteen in order to secure enlistment under existing army regulations. As the Massachusetts records testify, he enlisted in January, 1777, a private in Captain Wiley’s company, Colonel Michael Jackson’s regiment, and was honorably discharged in 1783. The Vaughan Cemetery Dedication, 1927. Following the Revolution he rendered service in the Indian wars in Captain Pierce’s regiment, commanded by Colonel Hamar in the year 1785, and was honorably discharged in 1786 From the official records it is shown that the military services of the young Massachusetts soldier coved in all a period of nineteen years. After the Revolution, he served continuously in Pennsylvania and other states. January 11 1795, he was appointed lieutenant of militia at Burnt For, GA., and continued as such until Jan. 1796. It was about this time that he married Rhoda Effingham, niece of Thomas Harvey Miller, owner of a notable plantation at Peter’s Point near St. Mary’s Ga. Her mother was…

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