AIGS Volunteer Opportunities – We Need You!

For any organization (large or small), there’s always more work to be done than there are people to do it. For some situations, it’s just a matter of hiring more people to get it done. However, non-profit groups such as AIGS, have no paid staff and depend entirely upon volunteers who share common interests, to provide their organization’s services. AIGS has been in a rebuilding phase the last couple of years (recovering from the impact of COVID) with focus on growing back our membership and providing quality genealogy programs and classes. And we need our members’ help to continue to move forward!

Volunteer opportunities are many and varied! Time commitment can range from a one-time shot for limited minutes (e.g., Research-Help Committee), to a couple of meetings for a one month period (e.g. Audit Committee), to a monthly meeting (or less frequently) for a couple of hours (e.g., Library, Program and Membership Committees). Some efforts can be accomplished from your own home (e.g., Data, Publicity, and Web Committees) and some get you out working actively with others (e.g., Cemetery and Education Committees). There really is something for everyone with a wide range of experience and skill levels needed!

This month you will find a Volunteer Interest Form in your member folder. Please take a couple of minutes to review, complete and return the form. AIGS needs your help to be able to offer ongoing resources/services for our members. A little goes a long way! Please don’t hesitate to contact a board member if you have any questions (easily done through the website or speak with us at a monthly meeting). Thank you.

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