AIGS Committees

Every society needs committees in order to function properly and distribute the workload over a larger group of people; otherwise, the committee chairs will get overworked – besides, the more input we get from the membership, the better we are able to function as a society! The Amelia Island Genealogical Society has several committees setup to handle different areas of our outreach and management. Each of these committees provide you, as a member, an opportunity to connect with other members and become more active in AIGS. Please consider this opportunity! Some of these committees meet only a couple of times a year (Standing Committees), as they serve a specific function that occurs only once a year. Standing Committees A standing committee meets regularly and is intended to consider all matters pertaining to a designated subject. They are defined by our Bylaws. Audit Committee The Board shall, not later than November 15, appoint an audit committee composed of two-three persons deemed to be qualified by the Board. These persons shall not be members of the Board of Directors. The Audit Committee shall submit their report to the Board of Directors no later than February 1. The purpose of the audit committee is to review the prior years financial records created by the treasurer and to provide a report of their audit to the Board of Directors. The three members must be from the general membership. 2023 Members: Bob Frey, chair; Bob Loveless, Richard Billings. Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee is appointed…

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