President’s Message for October 2022

It’s beginning to feel like fall on the Island and that means your Society is starting to prepare for 2023. Beginner Class preparation have begun by the Education Committee and those on last years waiting list have already been notified so they can signup before the announcement is made to the general public. The 2022 board has approved a budget for 2023 that we will bring forth in November’s Annual Meeting for vote by the membership; in our last board meeting we revised and adopted a new set of responsibilities for Board Members, Officers, and Other Positions (Webmaster, Geneline, etc.) which should give future board members a better idea of expectations for each position. Patti talks about the new financial budget in her Treasurer post… I call it our “Great Expectations” budget. Membership has continued to bounce back from the Covid collapse, but we are still in need of more new members (or donations) to meet our growing expenses!

It’s time to vote! Our board officers are hitting the 2 year term limit and it’s time for a new board and budget to be voted in. We do this in person at our Annual Meeting in November, but for those 2022 members who cannot attend, we provide a proxy form which delegates one of our board members to vote on your behalf. Because we require a quorum of membership in order for a vote to be successful, please vote by proxy if you cannot attend!

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