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Dennis N. Partridge has been conducting personal research into his family since 1980. In 1996, in the infancy of the Internet, he morphed into a web developer bringing with him his passion for genealogy. Today, Dennis owns and operates AccessGenealogy (, one of the largest, privately owned genealogical websites online, well-known and frequented by Native American family researchers. Dennis also serves as President and Webmaster for the Amelia Island Genealogical Society. He specializes in breaking down brick walls, Native American ancestry, New England ancestry, and French-Canadian ancestry. However, his knowledge is broad enough to answer (or find the answer) to any geographical area.

Live Oak Cemetery

The Live Oak Cemetery, also known as the Dyal Station Cemetery, is located near Callahan Florida. To reach it from Callahan, at the intersection of SR15/US301N and A1A/301S, go north on SR 15 past the Nassau County Fairgrounds and turn left on Dyal Road and go about one mile. Just before the railroad tracks, turn left onto dirt road. Turn left on Congregation Lane. The church and the cemetery are on the right. The Live Oak Baptist Church was established in 1845 in a one-room log cabin. Later, the church membership met in a schoolhouse. In 1903, B. G. Dyal deeded two acres of land to the congregation where the first permanent church was built. Additional land was donated by Container Corporation of America and William Cook. Services each Sunday were not begun until February 1938. In September 1995, the original sanctuary was moved and the foundation was poured for a new sanctuary. The first burials in the cemetery were in 1885. The Live Oak Cemetery contained 554 graves when it was surveyed in 2001. The cemetery is organized by row then grave location. So, the fourth grave in row 5 would be identified in the database as Row 5, Grave 4. Live Oak Cemetery Location (Nassau County)36178 Congregation LaneCallahan, FL 32011 USA GPS Location 30.617972, -81.866052 Inventory begun on January 31, 2001, by Mary Nelson, Karen Fink, Barbara Swearingen and Jean Mann; interrupted due to rain. Completed on May 17, 2001, by Jean Mann Florida Master Site File ID …

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Little Cemetery

This Cemetery is located in Sec. 23 Township 2 North Range 23 East Near Callahan. The location information was not provided by the survey team. Grave numbers are from first to last, with row not recorded. The GPS data is take from the center of the Township and Range data so it may not be precise. Little Cemetery Location (Nassau County)River RoadCallahan, FL GPS Location 30.5825705, -81.9844753 (not precise) AIGS members provided the survey, and they were combined with a separate survey by Lori Bragg. survey dates were not recorded either case.

Kings Ferry Cemetery

Kings Ferry Cemetery

To reach Kings Ferry Cemetery, also known as the Haddock Cemetery, go North on County Road A121 off CR 108 between Hilliard and US17. Go approximately 6 miles. On the left is a dirt road marked with a sign, “King’s Ferry Cemetery”. Turn left, the cemetery is on the right about 1/2 mile. -OR- From the intersection in Kings’ Ferry off CR A121 and Lessie Road, go south for 1.6 miles, turn right on a dirt road marked with the sign, “King’s Ferry Cemetery.” The cemetery is on the right about 1/2 mile. Many of the plots are surrounded by ornate wrought iron fences that are in rusted condition. In 1996, the entire cemetery was burned, possibly to get rid of undergrowth as the easiest method of clearing. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in the county, circa 1700. Kings Ferry Cemetery Location (Nassau County)Kings Ferry, FL USA GPS Location 30.760971, -81.829698 Inventories February 17, 1996 by Mary Nelson, Marguerite Frosher, and Jean Mann. Also inventoried circa 1997 by Lori Bragg (USGenWeb). Inventoried in 1956 by LDS Church. (Published ’56, surveyed ’53) Surveyed for veterans in 1941 (WPA)

Keen Cemetery

The Keen Cemetery is located near Crawford Florida. To reach it, from Callahan, go south on SR200/US301 for about five miles. Go left on Thomas Creek Road for 2.8 miles, proceeding in a southeasterly direction. Turn right on Ratliff. Go over the railroad tracks. Turn right on Keen Cemetery Road. Keen Cemetery Location Keen Cemetery (Nassau County)Keen Cemetery RoadCrawford, FL 32011 USA A flag pole in the cemetery has the following inscription: “Eagle Project – Justin Dyal, BSA Troop 55, 4-9-88.” The Cemetery was inventoried on May 16, 1998 by Ken and Nancy Sturges, Wanda Simpson and Mary Nelson.

Jones-Jacobs Cemetery

Jones-Jacobs Cemetery, is in Evergreen Florida, also known as Elmore Wilds Cemetery, and may also have been known as Evergreen Cemetery. Go north on US 17 to CR 108. Turn left, proceed to first paved road on left (Sandhill Dump), turn left. There is a fork in the road at about 600ft, take the right fork to the locked gate. About 8/10 mile from CR 108 are two cemeteries here, Jones-Jacobs and Wilder-Wilds. The Wilder-Wilds data is reported separately. Jones-Jacobs Cemetery Location (Nassau County)Evergreen, FL GPS Location 30.686872, -81.724684 This cemetery was inventoried in March 1998 by Kenneth Sturges. Jones-Jacobs Cemetery was surveyed in 1941 as part of the WPA Veterans’ Grave Registration Project, identifying one WW1 veteran Pfc. James Lafayette Albertie. It was referenced as Evergreen Cemetery. It was photographed in 2015 by Jim Miller.

Jones Cemetery - Callahan

Jones Cemetery – Callahan

To reach this beautifully kept cemetery, Turn left off SR 200 at Callahan Florida going north one block on US 1/301.t Turn left on on on Brandies Avenue (CR 108) and at the railroad track, keep to your right following River Road (CR108). Go 1.5 miles, and turn right on Jones Cemetery Road. The cemetery is about 100 yards down the road, with the main entrance on the right. This is a very old cemetery, with 1,550 graves in the oldest (Eastern) section and about 420 graves on the west side. There are twelve Confederate Civil War Veterans buried here, all in the oldest area, section 1. The oldest person buried here is John Jones, 1800 – 1873 closely followed by Anna O’Donald 1800-1880. The cemetery contains three graves from the O’Donald Cemetery which were re-located here prior to 1956. These graves can be found in Section 1, row 30. The numbering system of the sections and rows follows that used by the Jones Cemetery association. Section 1 is numbered in rows 1 to 30 the remaining sections are alphabetical. In the alphabetical sections, “A” rows were inserted between plot rows which are 20 feet apart. The grave numbering begins at the flagpole in the center of the cemetery with sections 1, 5 and 6 going east, and sections 2,3 and 4 going west. Additional detail is shown in the grave layout . Each grave is identified by a number/letter series. The first number is the section, the second letter …

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Jones Cemetery

Jones Cemetery is between Yulee and Callahan Florida. To reach it, take Griffin Road off SR 200 (Turn north at Mt. Olive Church, 3.5 miles East of Callahan on A1A.) 2 1/2 miles to the end of Griffin road. Turn left at the end of the road. The cemetery is in a pasture on left on privately owned land. Information about this cemetery was supplied by Carl Jones of Pages Dairy Road in Yulee, a descendant of the people buried there. He said that John David Jones was the first Nassau County man killed in the Civil War, but no effort has been made to verify this family tradition. Jones Cemetery Location (Nassau County)45415 Musselwhite RoadCallahan, FL 32011 USA GPS Location 30.611031, -81.804799 This inventory made in August 1994 by Sheila Neider. She stated there were several additional graves covered with slabs with no inscriptions of any kind. Florida Master Site File ID NA01030, Established circa 1863, Graves = 12

Hughes Jones Cemetery

This Cemetery is located in Yulee Florida. To reach it, go to the intersection of US 17 and A1A, go north on US 17 to Pages Dairy Road. Turn right on Pages Dairy Road, then right on Florida Avenue. This cemetery is known locally as the Yulee cemetery in addition to being called the Hughes cemetery. The Jones portion of the cemetery is in a large fenced-in plot of in the southwest corner of main Cemetery, it is really a privately owned cemetery whose owners chose to remain independent. The main Cemetery is divided into sections for the inventory but no layout was provided. Hours: Sunrise to sunset. Hughes Jones Cemetery Location (Nassau County)86247 Palmetto StreeetYulee , FL 32097 USA GPS Location 30.635379, -81.599579 Inventory made December 2, 1998 by Jeri James, Jan Warren, Ken and Nancy Sturges, Jan Plemmons . An earlier inventory was made in October 1993 by Connell Jenkins, Joan Johnson and Shirley McCabe.

Hilliard Community Cemetery

The Hilliard Community cemetery is located in Hilliard. To reach the cemetery, go north on US 1 past the traffic light in the center of Hilliard for approximately one mile. The cemetery is located on the right beside the church. Hilliard Community Cemetery Location (Nassau County)552056 US 1Hilliard , FL 32046 USA GPS Location 30.699293, -81.922678 This cemetery was inventoried November 22, 1998 by Kenneth Sturges and Jan Warren.

Burris Higginbotham Grave 1759-1812

Higginbotham Family Cemetery

The Higginbotham Family Cemetery is located on the private property of the estate of Linton L. Owens Jr., Evergreen, Florida, approximately 1/2 mile from the southeastern terminus of Owens Cutoff Road at Nassau County Highway 108. When driving northeast, CR 108 takes a right turn. Continue straight ahead across the cattle guard and follow the road to the Owens farmhouse. The house and outbuildings can be seen from CR 108. Higginbotham Family Cemetery Location (Nassau County)57200 Lazy Acres LandEvergreen , FL 32097 USA GPS Location 30.706081, -81.732803 A survey of the cemetery was made by L. L. Owens, Jr. on October 18 1979. Kenneth and Nancy Sturges evaluated the cemetery again in March, 1998. Burris Higginbotham Grave Dedication Burris Higginbotham, is buried in this cemetery. He was a soldier in the Revoutionary War, and the owner of large tracts of land in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia. In a letter to Helen B. Hodges, of Callahan in October 1979, L. L. Owens describes the events of Burris Higginbothams’s burial at the cemetery. “At the time of the funeral and burial, there was lot of rain, causing the water in the Little St. Mary’s river swamp to be unsually high. They had to cross this water with horse and wagon with the body of Burris Higginbotham. There were afraid the body of the wagon with the body of Burris would float down stream, so they cut a good size tree, taking two cuts of the tree, nailing them together and floating …

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