Burials at Bosque Bello Cemetery

The following persons are buried at Bosque Bello Cemetery according to the city cemetery records. However, no marker, either temporary or permanent, was found when the Cemetery Committee made its inventory of Bosque Bello in 1997. Anyone wishing further information should contact the City of Fernandina Beach. NameBurial DateAndrews, EllisOctober 21, 1995Baker, Frances LucilleNovember 21, 1991Battison, Helen M.September 6, 1991Brennan, Suzanne RobinsMarch 30, 1993Brown, BerthaNovember 2, 1996Brown, JacobNovember 30, 1993Bunch, Walter PhillipOctober 1, 1996Butler, Anthony BernardJuly 24, 1993Coes, JasonSeptember 17, 1992Collins, Pricilla A.March 3, 1995Dorman, Mary CorinneOctober 1, 1996Drummer, Joanne MarieNovember 25, 1994Everhart, Betty AnnDecember 7, 1992Fiala, PatrickOctober 4, 1994Foster, James FranklinFebruary 26, 1994Gardner, Willie T.November 14, 1992Goulet, Etoile C.October 6, 1992Graham, FrancesDecember 9, 1995Haddock, Mary ElizabethJanuary 2, 1995Harker, Vassie MaeFebruary 16, 1993Harris, Rachel HuntOctober 1, 1996Harris, David VernellJanuary 22, 1992Hendricks, Howard S.September 17, 1993Henry, Gloria AbbieAugust 26, 1995Hoggard, Mary E.April 26, 1993Holmes, Kalem T.February 13, 1993Johnson, Jimmie LeeJuly 27, 1991Joyner, PaulineJune 14, 1991King, VernallMay 17, 1995King, Nolan D.November 19, 1991Kitchens, Clarence H.October 20, 1994Lane, Willie MaeFebruary 27, 1993Lee, Jessie MaeNovember 18, 1995MacDonald, Raymond H.March 7, 1996MacDonnell, LoganJuly 21, 1994Mc Carthy, Andrew D.February 3, 1992Miller, EllouiseMarch 25, 1993Monroe, Dorothy MaeJanuary 30, 1993Pasley, Ella BirdOctober 6, 1993Patterson, SylvesterSeptember 16, 1995Perkins, Bryan KeithOctober 8, 1991Perry, Colette OliviaDecember 30, 1995Petty, JerryOctober 10, 1993Poole, Juanita M.March 25, 1995Price, William RodneyDecember 11, 1993Prigden, Deborah AnnAugust 9, 1995Ramsey, William J.January 25, 1992Reece, AlbertaJanuary 28,1995Reed, SelfJanuary 20, 1996Richardson, Winston E.April 12, 1992Richo, Jaylon DwenayeAugust 22, 1996Richo, Pauline DaileyApril 24, 1993Roberts, Ryan S.February 13, 1992Sanderson, Sara ElizabethMarch 29,…

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