Braddock & Christopher Families

Contributed by William Braddock John Braddock was born on 23 May 1731 in South Carolina. On 16 July 1769, he married Lucia Ann Cook, the daughter of James Cook. They were the parents of five known children: John David (1776-1841) married Martha Christopher; William (1777-1855) married Charlotte Christopher; Lucia (b. 1778) married William Berrie; Mary Ann (b. 1780) married John Edwards; and Hester (b. 1785) married John B. Christopher. John Braddock served as a soldier in Georgia during the Revolutionary War and received a grant of land in Glynn County, Georgia, for his service. He was commissioned a captain in the Glynn County Militia in 1793. He died on 16 June 1797 in Glynn County. John David Braddock was born in 1776 and died on 19 October 1841. On 9 May 1804, he married Martha Christopher, the daughter of Spicer Christopher, in Nassau County. Martha was born in 1786 and died on 6 December 1861. John David and Martha Braddock were the parents of six known children: John (1805-1863) married Sarah Higginbotham; Spicer C. (b. 23 Apr 1807) married Anna Sever Sapp (b. 2 Dec 1822); Charlotee (b. 1812) never married; Alexander (b. 1814) married Elizabeth; William M. (b. 1819) married Jane Christopher; and, Susannah (b. 1822) never married. John David Braddock was baptized as a Catholic before his marriage as all Protestant citizens of Spanish Florida did in order to remain in the territory. He managed a plantation for his father-in-law until he obtained his own 640 acres at…

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