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Our January general meeting was attended last night by 35 people, a large portion of them visitors to our society. Mark Olsen did a wonderful job demonstrating the new version of FTM 2019, and we thank him for taking the time to do it!

We provided a handout last night to visitors to the FTM Demonstration. For those who were unable to attend, you can view a copy of the handout below. For those who did attend you may want to use the online pdf below so that you can click on a link instead of trying to type in all of those URL’s.

Mark Olsen, our speaker, provided links to video demonstrations for those who did not attend. It will not be exactly what we had demonstrated last evening but can give you a good visual overview of the software. It’s the first link in the pdf.

Also, there is an “Event Discount Link” currently active (I don’t know how long he’ll leave it up) which discounts the core software download from $79.95 regular price to $49.95.

The Raffle was won by Jean Mann and she wishes to re-raffle the free copy to the 2023 Beginner Class participants since she already owns it.

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