Free Genealogy Forms

The following forms will enable our membership to create and document their family history in a more organized manner. The number and types of these forms will increase over time as they are created. Starting out we have a basic set of forms that should encourage better record keeping. Each of these forms are fillable by you using your computer, or you can simply print them out and fill them in by hand. If you intend to fill them out on the computer, then you should first save a clean form each time before using it. In this manner you can simply pull up the form on your computer and continue working on it without losing all of your previous work. To fill out a form you must first save the form to your computer and then open it. Each of these forms uses a series of IDs to be created by you, the preparer. How you wish to number your forms is entirely your decision, but stay consistent with all forms. Individual Form An individual form should be filled out for each person you plan to research. It contains the needed information for you to record, analyze and source the evidence you find on an individual. It’s ID is called the PersonID. Each person should have their own unique PersonID. Individual Form Family Group Sheet A family group sheet should be filled out for each family you plan to research. It contains the needed information for you to record,…

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