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Huggins Manuscript Collection Images
This is a test page for the potential format in anticipation of publishing the Huggins Manuscription Collection Images. Each individual page can be set to hold up to 250 images (may be changed - 50 or 100 seems more workable since someone uploading may start to get a max execution time error/fatal), and there can be several pages per file; however, connectivity in uploading has been slow. It isn't yet determined how many images can actually be accepted - 20 MB limit per image per website manual.
If you notice that the image numbers skip, it is because multiple shots of a single item were available. The duplicates have been omitted. Content is not missing.
The file images (square box with "Huggins ###" and name of file) are the initial pages of each file's image collection.
Files 001 - 010 are currently filled. Two different scanning techniques were tested - digital photographs and flatbed scanner. The latter is considered to be the quickest and best image resolution. Within each file 'folder', images will be numbered in order in which each was scanned. Researchers who have questions or requests for a larger image for transcription can refer to the photo number - each is unique in the collection.
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