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2017 May 5 Minutes

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2017 May 5 Minutes
Posted: 06/05/2017 - 10:18 am
Tuesday, May 16, 2017                  10-12 AM             GENEALOGY ROOM FERNANDINA BEACH LIBRARY
PRESENT:  Marcia Pertuz, Chair Person, Tonia Quarterman, Lori Miranda
  1. Q&A Sessions Report by Carol Miller
    1. Carol Miller could not attend the meeting.
  2. Huggins Collection
    1. Lori is currently renaming the file images we created at our last meeting.
    2. She has loaded these images to DropBox
    3. We are trying to estimate the time involved in digitizing each file, uploading the images to DropBox,  renaming the file images, and rotating images if needed. We need this information before we ask for volunteers to help with this process.
i.Lori reported that it took us about one hour to digitize about 450 megabites and it took an hour to upload the images.
ii.We may change from a grid background to a clear background when digitizing.
  1. Our next task will be to create a data input form. 
i.Marcia will contact Jim Miller to find out what database fields we already have for our website.
ii.Marcia will do a search for “metadata for archives” for examples of data fields and descriptions of collections.
iii.Marcia will create a draft template for our committee to try out, using a subset of the images Lori uploaded to DropBox.  The template will be sent to the committee members for comments, then a working draft will be sent to the committee for them to use. Committee members will discuss their results at the July 11th meeting.
  1. When we have our procedures figured out, we would like to meet with Jim Miller, Mike Toomey and Marie Santry for their input and advice.
  1. Focus of Library Collection 
    1. Marcia will reword this and present a draft at the Jul 11th committee meeting.
    2. Library Committee decided that any future donations to our collection must have a Deed of Gift form signed by the contributor.
  2. Progress on Individual Manuscript Collection Plan
    1. Marcia is collecting information from libraries and other groups
  3. AIGS Historian
    1. We would like to add one more member to our committee.  That person would become the Historian for AIGS.
    2. A list of duties should be created before we present this to the board.
  4. Priority of Future Projects after the Huggins Collection Project is finished
    1. Define focus of AIGS Manuscript Collection
    2. Coordinate AIGS Collection with Amelia Island Museum of History Collection
    3. Define and create Vertical Files
    4. Create Map Collection