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2017 January 23 Minutes

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2017 January 23 Minutes
Posted: 04/13/2017 - 10:59 am
MINUTES   23 JAN 2017                  10-12 AM                             GENEALOGY ROOM F. B. LIBRARY
PRESENT:  Marcia Pertuz, Chair Person, Tonia Quarterman, Gloria Toomey, Carol  Miller, Lori Miranda, Gus Reinwald
  1. Update on Q&A Sessions
    1. Carol Miller will be the coordinator
    2. Sessions will now be held the first Thursday of the month (excluding Dec & Jan) from 6-8 & the third Monday from 1-3
    3. We will try to have at least two mentors at each session
    4. We will encourage regular members to sign up to work with a more experienced mentor at each session
  1. Committee Meeting Schedule
    1. We will meet bimonthly, the second Tuesday of that month from 10-12.  This year’s meetings will be Mar 14, May 9, Jul 11, Sep 12 and Nov 14.
b.Filing of Minutes was not discussed—should they be on our website? [This should be addressed at the next Board Meeting]
  1. Working Meetings will be scheduled as needed
  1. Mission Statement for Library Committee
    1. The Library Committee agrees that the AIGS Mission Statement defines our committee focus ( AIGS Bylaws (2010): The Purpose of this Society is educational.  The Society is devoted exclusively to furthering genealogical research and promoting interest in family history.)
b.“The Purpose of the Library Committee is to manage the Society’s library collection and to educate our members and the public.” [This should be addressed at the next Board Meeting]
  1. Focus of Vertical Files
    1. Definition:  The Vertical File is a way to organize and access information specific to our geographic area, that does not lend itself to being placed on a shelf, and that may or may not be covered elsewhere. 
    2. Minutes 23 Oct 2015: The collection will be limited to local (mostly Nassau County) materials.
    3. Creation & Usage Policy
i.We reaffirm that our Vertical Files collection will be limited to local (mostly Nassau County) materials
ii.Access to our Vertical Files, when they are created) will be appointment only; committee members will share this responsibility and the committee chair person will be the contact for making the appointment
iii.Vertical Files will be created after the Huggins Collection Project has been completed.
  1. Focus of Library Collection
a.Collection Development Policy (2008): [from meeting agenda of 22 Oct 2014, no minutes available] The purpose of the local genealogical collection is to preserve materials that document the history of Fernandina Beach and Nassau County and to make these materials available to researchers and the general public.  The Nassau County Public Library holds these materials in trust for future generations, and therefore they can be examined in the Nassau County Public Library only. [The committee needs to rewrite this sentence to reflect our Reserve Collection rules and our check-out policy]
  1. Acquisition Plan Development
i.The committee will purchase at least three books per year with our budget, one from each category
  1. Original 13 Colonies in the Colonial Period
  2. General Genealogy
  3. Local History
  4. Gloria Toomey stated that our local chapter of Colonial Dames has offered to donate books from the Colonial Period.  Marcia Pertuz will work with Gloria to follow up with Colonial Dames.
  1. Focus of Manuscript Collection
    1. We feel the focus of most collections in our collection should be on local families
    2. We will not refuse any collections donated to us
    3. We will require a Deed of Gift document from each donor to allow us to pass the collection on to another institution if necessary
    4. If the collection does not meet our acquisition focus, we will work with our donors and other institutions to find a good placement for their materials
    5. Any collections given to other institutions will be described on our website, with a link to the receiving institution
    6. Access to our Manuscript Collection will be appointment only; committee members will share this responsibility and the committee chair person will be the contact for making the appointment
  2. Huggins Collection
    1. Although this collection does not focus on our local area, we will retain these materials
i.The family is very appreciative of our efforts
ii.We will use this collection to develop a digitization and indexing system for future collections that are donated
  1. Lori Miranda will post a description and index of the Huggins Collection on our website so that the public can begin to have access to the collection
  1. History of AIGS:  Are we actively collecting our History?
    1. Lori Miranda has been keeping our institutional history materials, including scrap books from events
    2. We decided that all historic records from our Society should be digitized and put on our website; some of the materials, such as scrapbooks, might go into our Vertical Files
    3. We will ask current and former board members to give us any materials they have been storing for us
    4. Lori Miranda will post meeting minutes from the formation of our Society on our website
    5. Lori has digitized a scrapbook from the Society’s Tenth Anniversary and will post it on our website and invite members to help us identify people in the photographs
  2. Geneline Articles
    1. Tonia Quarterman and Lori Miranda will digitize all Geneline articles, post them to our website and create an index with a click through to each article listed
  3. Educational Field Trips for Our Members
    1. We will offer a series of field trips to repositories
    2. Gloria Toomey will organize a trip to the Fort Caroline LDS Library in March, either Wed Mar 22 or Thurs Mar 23 from 10-12, depending on when they can host us and give us a tour.  Tonia Quarterman will advertise this in the Geneline and with an email blast
    3. Possible future trips
i.Nassau County Court House for deeds, etc
ii.Fernandina Beach Museum of History Archives
iii.Jacksonville Public Library
iv.Kingsland LDS Library
v.Salt Lake City Christmas Tour
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 14 from 10-12 at the Fernandina Beach Library Genealogy Room.  We will begin to create a scanning protocol and meta data index for the Huggins Collection by doing a run-through of the digitization process with a file from the collection.