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2017 November 14 Minutes

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2017 November 14 Minutes
Posted: 11/29/2017 - 4:21 pm
Tuesday, November 14, 2017     10-12 AM             GENEALOGY ROOM FERNANDINA BEACH LIBRARY
PRESENT:  Marcia Pertuz, Chair Person, Tonia Quarterman, Lori Miranda, Carol Miller, Gloria Toomey, Gus Reinwald, Teen Peterson, Susan Anstead
1.Susan Anstead has agreed to join our committee.
2.BOARD MEETING REPORT: The board has set aside $500 for our committee to use on the Huggins Collection Digitizing Project
3.LIBRARY Q&A: Carol Miller will continue to be in charge of this project.  We need to encourage new people to volunteer and will facilitate having members shadow a volunteer at a session, so they can see how to do it. We will also advertise the opportunity at the beginner classes in January.
a.Process: We will focus on digitizing the collection, then move on to Phase 2. We will probably have our volunteers upload the images to Dropbox.
b.Equipment needed: Gloria and Carol will ask their husbands for advice on a good digital camera we can purchase for this project.
c.Next working meeting: Tuesday, January 9th, 10-12 at the Genealogy Room. This should be our regular meeting date, but will try to combine the two agendas.
a.We will ask the board for permission to have our member volunteers post images from our Huggins Collection and from our Bosque Bello project to with the following suggested statement:  "Image from the Huggins Manuscript Collection, Amelia Island Genealogical Society - - repost allowed if credited." This would be a way to bring more traffic to our website.
b.A policy for posting will have to be developed.
c.Volunteers will be recruited, once a policy is approved.
7.ARCHIVING BOSQUE BELLO RESEARCH: The committee agreed that this material should go into our future Vertical Files. We ask all actors to please submit their research in a labeled folder, and to include sources.
a.Tonia Quarterman has volunteered to be our Historian.
b.Job description draft:
i.Rather than keeping paper records, we should publish a series of yearbooks, using a standardized format, highlighting the events of each year. Paper items will be digitized and included in the yearbooks. The yearbooks will be shelved as part of our collection.
ii.Minutes and the Geneline are posted on the website, so will not be included in the yearbook.
iii.A running list of past officers, and awards the society has won, should be posted on the website.
iv.A very short piece can be put into each Geneline, about something from the society’s past.
9.2018 MEETING SCHEDULE:  JAN 9,  MAR 13,  MAY 8,  JUL 10, SEP 11, NOV 13. Working meetings will be scheduled as needed.
10.NEW BUSINESS: Web Subscription Service
a.We discussed using some of the funding from the cemetery tour to fund a subscription to something like Fold3, or,  in the library. Susan will ask the St. Louis library about their arrangement with the companies. Gloria will check with Fold3.
b.Another possibility is to subscribe to one of these sites and have it be a benefit of AIGS membership; our members would access it via our website, Marcia and Susan will network with people from other genealogy societies when they are at the conference in Salt Lake City in early December to see if their groups offer anything like this as a benefit of membership.
a.Formal Opening of Genealogy Room
b.Vertical Files: Policy & Procedures
c.Map Collection: Gloria reported that Marie Santry has offered to donate a map case. Because the Mirandas are already donating a map case, the committee asked Gloria to discuss with Marie the possibility of her choosing and donating maps for the collection. Perhaps she would like to select maps of this area from the UNF Map Collection, and from the Georgia Archives. We also discussed a set of road maps from the UK.
d.Donation of Personal Collections: Policy & Procedures