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The Future of Memories - Digitizing Resources

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The Future of Memories - Digitizing Resources
Posted: 07/21/2015 - 8:57 pm
21 July 2015
RE: The Future of Memories
Speaker - Denise Barrett Olson
There were several suggestions made about resources during tonight's presentation. Here are three blogs that address the issues discussed tonight by Denise B. Olson:
Moultrie Creek Gazette
Blog by Denise Barrett Olson (our speaker!)
(Tech support for the family historian)
The Family Curator 
Blog by Denise Levenick
(Preserving and sharing our family treasures)
Practical Archivist
Blog by Sally Jacobs
This is a cross post from one of the membership forums.  As there were several non-members tonight, I wanted to get it out to everyone.