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YoThe purpose of the AIGS Genealogy Forums are to share information, discover new links and learn new skills in research, including the discussion of new programs and cutting edge internet genealogy resources. AIGS Genealogy Forums embodies the idea of community spirit in sharing and learning and this continues to attract new researchers with new research ideas and techniques.  
Forum Etiquette 
  • Please keep the tone of messages friendly and helpful. Practice tolerance and avoid sarcasm.  Remember we were all beginners once.
  • Stay on the topic of of the main thread, feel free to start a new thread, rather than go off-topic.
  • Please keep your replies brief and to the point.
  • Please make sure the Subject line is filled in and reflects the purpose of your message.
  • Please only include relevant return text when replying. 
  • Do not send "flames" (personal attacks), remember ALL CAPs are traditionally interperted as shouting.
  • 'AIGS' in the title means the forum is viewable by the membership only.
Public QUERY Forum
  • The Query Forum is for non-member requests and is the only forum viewable by the public.
  • Non-members who would like to post a query for AIGS members should email Moderator with subject line 'Public Query Forum'.
  • The Moderator will post your query.
  • Members should reply to queries on this Forum only.  The public can see your replies.
  • Non-members may view any replies by periodically revisiting this Forum.
  • This is an experiment in progress - please be patient with the Moderator!
​Have You Lost Your Way (September General Meeting)
  • The regular September meeting of the Amelia Island Genealogical Society will be a panel discussion entitled "Have You Lost Your Way?" It will be an opportunity to seek assistance in identifying next steps and resources available to move your family history research forward. A panel of experienced researchers and fellow genealogists will review your questions, and will try to get you back on track during the meeting on September 19th. Questions can be submitted by clicking on the + sign.  You must be signed in as a member to post a query.  You may also submit you questions by e-mail (  Deadline for submissions is September 5th.
  • You may add an attachment to your query (.doc, .pdf, .jpg)
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