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The Braddock and Lyford families by Jerry Braddock
John David Braddock by Jean Mizell
William Braddock by Jean Mizell
Spicer Christopher owned property on Talbot Island and Nassau County Florida. Article by Jean Mizell
William Greenwood owned property on the southern tip of Amelia Island . Article by Hank Lewis
Samuel Harrison and Family by Robert Saunders.
Burrus Higginbotham is a Revolutionary War Veteran. Article by Jean Mizell
Willis Aaron Hodges article by Jean Mizell.
John Carrol Huston settled Big Talbot Island. Article by Edgar R Taylor Jr.
John Seymour Pickett was a veteran of the Seminole War. Article by Jean Mizell
Oscar Thiede was born in Prussia, Hanover Germany in 1837 and came to Nassau County Florida in the 1870's after serving in a New York Regiment in the Civil War. Written by Susan Anstead.